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  1. Just got my i8510 today and have to say... I go through several top spec phones a year and this is definately the best all rounder I've ever owned! 1 thing I would like though... When viewing images, every image comes up, regardless of folders etc (same as the N95) and I'm assuming that's because both phones are the Symbian S60 OS. I find this quite annoying, as I prefer the Sony Ericcsson format, whereby the folders etc come up - this makes viewing/finding images A LOT easier and faster. Is there anyway I can change the layout? TIA
  2. Sorry, I'm using WMDC ( I thought it was the same as ActiveSync :) ) and I'm gonna try that fix for the text issue now. Thanks!
  3. I flashed the 6.1 ROM on my Kaiser, but have a few issues I need help with. 1.) I like to save some texts to different folders, but can't seem to do it with the new Threaded texts. Is there any way to change between threaded texts and standard? Or is there an easy way to move single texts to another folder? The move option isn't available when I try to select it :) 2.) Is there any way to sync with outlook on a computer, but replace everything on the computer with what's on the phone (and delete anything that's not on the phone)? I was able to set this up easy enough with previous smartphones when syncing, but can't find the settings with this version of Active Sync. Cheers
  4. Need the same for appointments too. Flashed to the latest ROM and backed up with PIM, but then when I synced with my laptop, it now has double contacts and appointments :)
  5. There doesn't seem to be an option to delete all the contacts on the phone :) . What's the easiest way? I would rather not reset to manufacturers settings. Cheers
  6. Nevermind, just got the HardSPL bit done successfully on this XP system :)
  7. Hey fellas. I'm trying to flash my Orange TyTN II, but having problems... I couldn't get past the tri-colour screen when using my laptop to flash the ROM, but figured it must've been because I'm running Vista on it. So now I'm trying it on my computer with XP. After you get through the steps with HardSPL and get the tri-colour screen, then the RUU program starts, it says plug the cable in and make sure active-sync is connected. BUT, do you need to re-start the phone then connect the phone to active-sync before you go to the next step? If I leave it on the tri-colour screen and try to proceed, it doesn't detect my current firmware version at the next step. Cheers.
  8. Used to use the forum when I had my first smartphone (SPV E200) back in '04, when I was the tender age of 17 lol. Never needed to post as I always found answers with a simple search :) I've only started using this forum again since I got my TyTN II.
  9. Sorry If I didn' t make it clear, but yeah I get the lose dat message, click yes 2 turn off, then it looks like it's off, but if you slide the phone open, it turns the screen back on and then the phone obviously hasn't turned off. I got pocket msn, but I'll try Palringo as you suggested. cheers :)
  10. Got a TyTN II on Monday and love it, but have a few issues.. 1.) Installed a few apps yesterday - SKTools, kaiserTweak, HTC Homeplug + customiser, and I notciced now that when I try to turn the phone off, after I hit yes on the popup message for it to turn off, the orange screen comes up, but the phone is still actually on - You can still hit the today button etc. The only way to actually turn the phone off is to remove the battery and replace it :S 2.) Is there any way to select multiple contacts to text, either via contacts or the text screen? On my N95, I just have to tick or "Mark" each contact 3.) Are there any 3rd party task managers available that can be accessed without using the stylus? (The built in one needs the stylus to click it in the top right hand corner of the today screen) OR PREFERABLY a way to shortcut the taskmanager to the start menu or homescreen? 4.) Are there any MSN Messenger apps/Windows Live Messenger apps available for the kaiser? Any help would be much appreciated!
  11. Hey guys. Used to be on this forum non stop a few years ago when I had an SPV E200, then C500. Then I had a few other phones and left the scene. Now I've just got myself a HTC TyTn II And I love it. So I'm back here :)
  12. Im guessing this update doesn't work on phones that haven't been unlocked? Also, will it be possible to upgrade from this Qtek ROM to the new Orange UK ROM (If it's ever released!)?
  13. the voice memo button and power button in, it said to press any key to enter bootloader, so I did. Then The "Canary Screen" came up - It says "Smart phone v1.03 doc" 3 times in different colours and it says"serial" at the bottom, but I tried holding 8 on this screen, but nothing happens - Its like it has just froze or somethin
  14. I have suffered a very similar prblem to this. I have had my E200 for 2-3 weeks now and just this morning, I turned it on after charging it and it keeps freezing at the "Windows Mobile" screen. It just doesn't respond at all at this screen - I can't even turn the phone off. I tried taking the battery out several times, but still no joy! Please help me because my phone just wont turn on!
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