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  1. I need 3G option for the internal 3G.. :) btw would be cool to have an option for a 3G version that 3G always automatically connect after reboot
  2. this rom exists nearly for one month already...
  3. If you haven't already tested the smartbook rom for the mn360u, then I would suggest to try this here http://www.smartbook-service.de/index.php?id=63 It must work if you have internal GPS.
  4. Just use Vega-Firmware 1.09 an you should not have any WiFi-problems, but losing then USB-Host... :D
  5. It would be interesting to collect the working controllers (wired/unwired) and with what controller-software and Games it works ... especially it would be cool if someone got GamepadIME (wired!) with a controller to work and can share how it works. At the moment I am using a Zeemote which works not bad with N64oid and Bluez Ime (Vega 1.09 rooted but no USB-Host) but can't get it really to work with other Games. Tried Monster Madness, but it doesn't work well for left/right movements. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!
  6. TerryH


    Thank you for this wonderful clarification! I have a PS3 controller but until the driver will be ported from a guy on XDA I'll try the Zeemote as alternative!
  7. MCR r8 is a full Rom 1.08 with the modifications from Paul. So if you flash 1.09 and then flash R8 you have 1.08... http://android.modaco.com/content/advent-v...nline-kitchen/#
  8. I am on Vega 1.09 + Original Ganjamans Addon for market and it works really good, but need the USB-Host working for the 3G-Dongle. Just need the USB-Host - Anybody tested this already with the 1.09?
  9. TerryH


    Are there any (Bluetooth or USB) Gamepads working?
  10. R8 is a full Rom 1.08 included, you just need to flash the r 8 and not before the rom
  11. Update for V1.09 would be really great, so that we are able to use our 3G USB-Sticks :huh:
  12. Can anyone describe in more details how to get 3G working on V1.09? I can't get the USB-Host R3 to work, it reboots, but when I plugin my 3G-Stick the screen freezes and need to reboot ;(
  13. Radio streaming works fine with xiialive on my HTC HD2 with Froyo (darkstone SuperRAM FroYo v1.5) but not with the Vega. Tested this with 1.06.5 R6, R7 and R8. Seems like that there are some codecs missing...
  14. R8: Internet doesn't work fine for me; after 30 minutes it stucks; tried this with Wifi and with 3g dongle. Anybody who found a solution?
  15. How are you get su to work? Does 3g dongles are working?
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