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  1. HTC is already looking to correct the faults made with the Diamond on the Touch Pro. They're placing a matt finish on the back cover and making alterations to TouchFlo interface according to mobileburn.com They might as well switch it to a quad band as well
  2. Called T-mobile directly. They will send a replacement cover in 5 days, no cost was mentioned
  3. Apparently a TyTn 2 battery cover can fit on a Vario 3. Can anyone confirm this?
  4. Does anywhere know where I could get a replacement battery cover for the Vario 3? I've checked on ebay there was nothing, t-mobile accessories said they didn't have any and HTC just said that the Vario 3 cover were a different size to the TyTn 2 ones. Can anybody help?
  5. I'm 90% sold on getting the MDA Vario 4 but the only thing bothering me is the lack of quad band. Why did HTC have to take it out for?
  6. Play sound, flash light and vibrate. Works perfectly for my Gmail and work email but doesn't have an effect on the Windows Live account
  7. Up to a month ago Windows Live was working on my Vario 3 perfectly but now for some reason whenever I receive new email via my Hotmail account, my phone doesn't notify me that there are unread messages in my inbox, no flashing amber light or vibration. The only thing it does is show the number of messages on the home screen. I'm using Windows Live (fixed) Any ideas on how this could be fixed.
  8. Is there any way of disabling the password lock when you have programs like google maps running because I don't want to have to keep remembering to switch the lock back on and something happens to the phone
  9. Just keep calling and try resellers like carphonewarehouse because they will offer an extra discount
  10. even still its like a bit of a dirty secret at the moment with the vario 3 tucked away right at the bottom of coming soon page while O2 proudly displays the iPhone on the homepage
  11. I'm suprised t-mobile hasn't updated their website yet
  12. No memory card, comes with a case, not sure if it has tomtom trial
  13. Don't rule out calling resellers as well like carphonewarehouse because sometimes they provide an extra discount. Plus if you can't get a good price from a tmob rep call back another time. The person i spoke to last night knocked £50 of the price so i got the phone for £50 on flext 25 w'n'w with a 12 month contract
  14. I'm at work at the moment so i'll have to do the test when i get home. It's my first WM mobile but so far i'm quite impressed with. It feels lighter than i expected it to be
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