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  1. I finally figured out the name of that strategy game i used to have on my boost i455. The name of it is Ancient Empires. Is there any way i can play it on my t-mobile DASH? The game is java and I dont even need it full screen. Anyone out there have any ideas? Or does anyone know of good rpg or turn based (grid/hex style) strategy games for windows mobile 6 or java? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. Usedpants

    a couple questions on games

    hell, before i got the dash, i thought that basically a pocket pc and a smartphone ran the same programs. I wish there was a way to do it with a bluetooth mouse lol. I got the dash for free so i am not going to complain. Any good smartphone or j2me turn based strategy games out there? I like the fantasy ones (not the army based ones)
  3. hey everyone. I have a couple questions for you out there. I am running a t-mobile DASH with WM6. I usually overclock it to 260 for the period i play games and 200 normally. I was wondering if there are any good turn based strategy games for the smartphone (landscape). I would also consider java games if i can use those. There was a really good one that looked like zelda for SNES on java but i forgot what it is called. You also controlled multiple characters. (like final fantasy tactics). I was also wondering if there was a way to get pocketPC games to run on a smartphone? I see there is a new game out called AZGARD and it is a tower defense. I would kill to have that game on my smartphone but i believe it is pocketpc only (goes through install fine but never ends up on device). I am not looking to get illegal games for free, but only a way to play them. Anyone have any ideas?
  4. Usedpants

    Emulators on the Dash

    I tried the program on the link you posted for PocketSNES and i could not get either to work. They opened and ran fine (other than a black screen sometimes) but the screen is still stretched up to the top and only about halfway wide centered in the middle. I am using a t-mobile dash with WM6. Any ideas on how to get it working? I really need a turn based strategy on the go. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  5. yes i know that the post is all messed up but there is something wrong with the formatting to post a new topic, some of the letters i put in ended up being breaks but displayed correctly in the edit view
  6. hey everyone. I recently got a T-Mobile Dash, also known as HTC Excalibur, and have spent the last week or so online 24/7 looking for the best applications. Here is a list I put together for anyone new. If anyon else has any recommendations, please add them. Application Unlock ------------ http://mobile.surrealnetworks.com/DashApps.htm ----- This is the MOST HELPFUL PAGE. It is located at the very top. Homescreens/Themes--------- http://www.ekopapers.com/os.htm ------The themes on this webpage work perfectly with no programs that need to stay open Black Gradient Scheme ------- http://www.modaco.com/Black-Gradient-Bars-...=black+gradient ----------This is a nice vista looking color scheme that can be used with above homescreens Pages with programs --------- http://mobile.surrealnetworks.com/DashApps.htm ----- This is the MOST HELPFUL PAGE. You can download directly onto device with no extra programs needed NES Emulator and ROMS ------ Pocket Nester Plus is on the above page ^ and a link to a HUGE selections of roms are with the emulator downl ad. The roms can be downloaded directly onto device with no modificat ons and will automatically open the emulator and play when finished. ROMS
  7. Usedpants

    working Emulators for dash

    i know a couple good sites. and for any moderators looking, It is NOT illegal to use ROMS if you own the original cartridges. I have all the classics but it sucks being tied to a tv
  8. Usedpants

    got emu working..

    yes .smc is the correct extension for a SNES rom. You might have to have them in the same folder as the program.

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