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  1. Just find this Apple MacBook Notebook for $600 bucks, i wonder get it, what do you think? Worth the money?
  2. Go for blackberry. I am using a Blackberry Cell Phone since Dec 2008, I love this phone. It does so much!
  3. alvin002

    Buying a phone

    Hi, Can anyone give me some opinion which one to buy Nokia N85 or Nokia 5800. I have no experience on touchscreen phone and i haven't use a slide phone before. I would like to try both but I only can buy one phone. That's why I am stretching my head now which one to buy. I see the Nokia N85 is on sale for $299, seems great for that price, but still want your suggestions Here are some of my requirements:- - camera with average to good megapixel - radio fm - mp3 - bluetooth - user friendly
  4. alvin002

    Bye bye WM

    now you're in the right side
  5. http://rawstory.com/news/2008/Obama_fires_...ey_on_0322.html Dick Cheney and the anti-terror policies of the Bush years have not "made us safer," according to President Barack Obama.
  6. http://www.freshbite.info/fnews_1234247671_11178.htm Awkwardness ensues...
  7. http://www.cracked.com/article_17061_5-thi...y-but-wont.html According to experts, almost everything we think we know about happiness is dead wrong.
  8. Christmas Gifts choose... i love the Rsvp Lessie...
  9. Nokia needed a high-end phone to limit Apple’s raid of market share in the smartphone. That device was announced and while there was very little information on the specifications of this new phone, called N97... Read more...
  10. I found it at 1 in the morning last night and needless to say didnt get to bed in a timely fashion http://www.allgamesallfree.com/games1452-draw-my-thing.html Im pretty good at it one of my words last night was global warming and I drew it well enough to where someone got it in 20 seconds
  11. looks pretty cool, never used them
  12. In this economic climate, things may get even crazier than normal, so be prepared! I stole this wonderful List for the best Black friday sales from my friend. I love the Apple laptop and the sale price...I also create my Own Thanksgiving BlackFriday Deals List Here u can check it, u will be suprised by the sale price. Hehe. Now show us..What are your Black Friday plans?
  13. World's Most Disgusting Apartment Is In Houston (pics) When your apartment gets to this point, I wonder if you even bother pickle jars in the toilet, or anywhere near the bathroom, for that matter. The moment you feel a dump coming on, do you just drop your pants, squat down and start squeezing no matter where you are in the apartment?
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