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  1. All i can say is fooking WOW!!!!! thanks so much its amazing
  2. Just incase anyone was planning to purchase one from PC World i bought online the 245£ one were you install flash later. A man called me and said that wasn't available and so i got the pre installed £5 more expensive one for cheaper.
  3. Got me a Unlocked HD2 on vodafone 300 mins, unlimited tests 12 month contract £79.99 for the phone £50 quidco Mobiles.co.uk am not using the sim as wanted to keep my current plan, wanted the phone mostly ;)
  4. I just got my smartflip, £60 what a bargin, just sold my MTeoR which had WM6 on it for £70 so quite happy. Gonna put WM6 on this as soon as i have the chance at home. very happy. but just want the WM6 feel and functionality
  5. Well heres my orange issue. Why is it orange only give out 2G sim cards with the Sim only deal ? I have tried many times to get a 3g sim card for my breeze so i can use the net faster etc but each time i am told "to get a 3g sim card you have to have bought a 3g phone from us" I find this really bad customer services seen as though the other 3 major networks send out 3g sim cards as standard now. why is it orange have to be different?? in a bad way too !!! Rant over Any ideas though?
  6. I beg to differ, its been developed now http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=366646
  7. I have exactly the same problem with my Breeze, 3G phone but 2G sim only contract. i too have argued for hours trying to get a 3G sim for my phone so i can use it and thus be generating more revenue. however each time i get, "You have to have bought a 3G phone and then you'll get a 3G sim" I even got one guy to send me out a new sim as if i had lost mine and he put it down as a M700 which we know is a 3G device. low and behold a 2G sim arrived. so i have no idea how to get this sorted and i am soon to get a nokia E51 which i won't be able to take full advantage of thanks to orange! anyone got any updates ?
  8. I received my £15 in cash today in the post, seems abit strange to send cash through the post these days, but happy as i got my money in the month the website says i would. Dan
  9. is no one able to part with their manual for hard earned ££ ? anyone ?
  10. Morning all i know this is an odd question to ask but does anyone have a manual that came with their touch duel they'd be willing to part with? The reason I ask is, I want to sell mine but i lost the manual when my father decided he wanted to open his new business toy early before just handing it to me, now he cannot find it. I realise its just on the CD and you can download it but it always looks better and gets the best price if its a real copy. i am willing to accept any networks branded manual as they all contain the right material. Oh and of course i am willing to pay for your trouble and loss. Just PM me if anyone is interested. Thanks all Dan
  11. i never expected it to be called a S730 but something very simular more than likely. as the old version is the E650 i expect it to be be the E700 if they do get it after battery testing on 3G
  12. Morning all, Does anyone know the release date for this on Orange contract? or what it might be called? Thanks for any info. Dan
  13. i have that gps unit and i can get it to work with my breeze fine. i turn the bt unit on, and pair it with pass code 0000 and it links, i think set it to have a comm port and then go into tom tom and select the non tom tom option or however its phased. and it works. i can make it with work with route 66 fine. so i know it works dan
  14. Afternoon all I am sure i am not the only one out there with a breeze and a orange payg 3g sim, i cannot make my phone work with mine at all. it either drops the call half way through or just doesn't let me connect to the network. does ANYONE get this same 2 faults or at least 1? Thanks
  15. afternoon all i wondered if anyone has seen if its possible to stop the dropping of calls randomly that the breeze does from time to time. i have installed the latist rom with radio 1.38 in it and it still does it, very frusting as you can imagine. any idea's anyone? thanks
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