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  1. I'm from Singapore and as of now, I haven't seen this Xphone2 in any shops or as advertised in any of our local newspapers ( which they did when Xphone1 was released ). So those coming to S'pore dedicatedly for this phone, pls take note.
  2. Dunno whether O2's gonna release their Xphone2, but if so, will it be also this HTC Typhoon model??
  3. Hi. I tried running the TestCert_Privileged.pfx file, but my WinXP complain that it couldn't find any file association for this file???
  4. Of all smartphones with 2002 OS, the only one that can play true polyphonic midis is the Mitac Mio 8380. Cuz Smartphone 2002 OS in itself dun play polyphonic midis at all. For the case of Mitac Mio8380, the reason it can play polyphonic midis is becuz it has it's own proprietary app ( called PhoneRing/Midi Player ) that can play midis in their true polyphonic nature. Even in the mio8380, if I go to Settings->Sound and tried to play the midi file there, it will sound crap, like what it will sound in E100 or mpx200. Thus I can conclude 2002 OS in itself can't play midis properly at all.
  5. I also had another person with O2 Xphone to test this s/w on the Sandisk wifi card. As seen here http://www.myxphone.com/Xphone/happenings/...eProductInfo.vm , the Xphone supports SDIO. But also encounter same problem, no response, nothing. Thus we can truely confirm that this s/w is just a config tool. It still needs a driver to work.
  6. Yep, it's just a config tool. I have a mio 8380, got a Sandisk wifi card recently, plug in the card, no response ( ie no blinking lights etc ). Open up the tool, set all the configs properly, then try to refresh, also no response.......
  7. May I know the reason?? Cuz XBass also not working on my mio 8380.
  8. Can u provide the link on how that taiwanese guy manage to get it to work?? Did he just use this single exe file only? Wat sd wifi card did he use, ie Sandisk?? Cuz posted this file in another forum, and one guy with an O2 Xphone and Sandisk sd-wifi feedback tat it can't work on his Xphone.
  9. I had the Mio 8380, but no sychip wifi card. I'm able to run the app though. Since Sychip is the chip maker, does it mean tat the Sandisk n Socket Sd-wifi card will work??
  10. Wats wrong with pocketmusic? Other than occasional cracks n pops in certain songs when enable equalizer, else, with equaliser off, everything is working great with no skips/crackling/pops. Moreover, their playlist is way better than WMP....
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