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  1. Nokia Lumia: Your new personal trainer http://t.co/ag8r80tM

  2. true, i honestly refuse to pay that much for these virtual cards.
  3. Prueba del sistema de pagos inalámbrico Google Wallet en Samsung Galaxy S3: http://t.co/MX7tmT2E via @AtomixApps

  4. I found the top-ups options in page 1 extremely expensive. A virtual-card of US$50 for US$69 ? they are charging like 20% for the service alone. This is so far what I've done. -Went to Borderlinx to get an U.S. based address (borderlinx.com). -I received an email with such address. -Went to EntroPay (entropay.com) to get a Virtual debit card, here I've used my UK debit card details to pay and create a virtual card. -Then after the card was set and topped up, I went to Google Wallet directly (wallet.google.com) and added the card using the Borderlinx address details. -I tested the card in play.google.com, buying a game (Where's my perry) and even though my Play/Google/Gmail account is UK based, I decided to make the EntroPay card my default and it charged me in dollars ($0.99 instead of £0.69). Checked in Wallet and the transaction was successful so wasn't blocked or voided by Google. Next thing to do: -Try to pay using Google Wallet in my Galaxy S3 in any Paypass vendor (Greggs, McDonalds, you name it). Since the card was accepted in Google Play, I guess it will be OK when I try to pay using the card in Greggs. Keep in mind I'm using the latest version, the one that allows to use any card and pulls the cards you have used in Google Play. Fingers crossed! P.s Using a UK card with US fake address won't work as Google uses the AVS verification. It checks the billing address. When I tried what Stu suggested it was coming up with invalid billing error messages.
  5. just tested in Greggs, tried to buy a cheap choc-chip cookie, £0.59... transaction came up "Void". 100% sure is the address mismatch, even though allows us to add any Card using fake addresses or telephone numbers, it doesn't work. I had like £1 credit in my Google default Prepaid, that one made the payment with no issues. Guess no love for the UK yet :(
  6. I was able to add a Barclays debit card. However Halifax debit and a Visa credit card didn't go through, I think due to the address mismatch.
  7. I suggest you to update your BJ2 using a windows XP computer since the Vista upgrade is full of Sh.... bugs.
  8. The name is IMEI Calculator and not only unlocks Nokias, but Panasonic and some LG as well. Check in google. or go directly to this spanish Website: http://www.v525.com I download it from there long time ago. If you are not desperate I can check in my ol' stuff to send it to you.
  9. I dont know exactly the date but I was 14, now I'm 22. I'm using Cellphones since there was any other carrier than Codetel now verizon (dominican Republic). Motorola MicroTAC Elite (AMPS) Phillip Isis (AMPS) Motorola StarTAC (AMPS) Qualcom QCP2700 (CDMA) Motorola StarTac (CDMA) Ericsson T18 Motorola TalkAbout (CDMA) Then I switch to GSM but sometimes use CDMA: Nokia 3390 Nokia 8290 Sony Ericsson T68m Sony Ericsson T68i Sony Ericsson T300 Motorola V60g Motorola C333 Motorola C332 Siemens S55 Samsung A500 (CDMA) Motorola T720g Motorola C350 Sony Ericsson T616 Panasonic G60 Siemens C56 Siemens A56 Sony Ericsson T226 Sony Ericsson T630 Samsung X426 Motorola V710 (CDMA) Motorola V525 Motorola V600 Motorola RAZR V3 Then I switch to Smartphone OS Compal AR11 Motorola MPX200 Orange C500 Motorola MPX220 O2 Xphone 2 <-- I currently use this. There were a lot more but I dont remember. Just write down those who I kept more than 1 week.
  10. You have to call your provider and tell them you need GPRS access. One more thing. Check yur iddle phone display. You should see a "G" icon in the main screen. That means you're under GPRS coverage. I had the same problem and call Orange here in dominican republic. They told me I didnt have GPRS active in my account. I told them I want that activated and 2 hours later I was surfing and chatting. Hope this help you.
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