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  1. For the most part I think the current gen of smartphones reached a plateau with around the Kaiser - GPS, 2.8"+ screen, OS, camera, HSDPA - are all features standard. The Diamond and Touch Pro series tweaked the formula with better screens and designs, and there are different form factors - E71, Pre, iPhone but generally the hardware featureset is quite similar. Large intergrated memory is also standard post-iPhone but that was always available through mini-SDHC.
  2. I don't think it'll be that hard for most. 5MP camera, better battery life and more than 4GB of memory? Omnia. Flashy interface, snazzy looks and small size? Diamond.
  3. It's hard to effectively utilize LED flashes in general - short range and tint are the problems here. Not having an LED flash means you have to use a lower (really low) shutter speed, which leads to more blur. Now, either your own hand blurs the image - it shakes - or the moving subject does. If you rest the Tilt on a stable surface, you can elminate a lot of hand shake blur, but there's still moving subject blur. Also, slowing the shutter speed down has its limits, since a flash can brighten stuff from total darkness. Yet, if you can get the white balance right and not use flash, the results from the non-flash image will probably be less washed out than the flash image. Image quality is mainly broken down into the size of lens and the sensor - seperate components that are correlated, the quality of each (big is not always quality), as well as the processing software. Lenes that have more elements will cut down on some of the leakage seen in the Kaiser,
  4. I'm a Kaiser type so I'm not really educated on Touch issues, but how does Pocket CM keyboard do for you guys? The iPhone style touch keyboard is what I use when I don't slide out the physical keyboard.
  5. International travel, especially for extended periods. A local SIM card lets you use the local network and not get charged at roaming rates. People who spend a lot of time living in two different places.
  6. That black rear finish looks really slick. Too bad there's no slick front side - I'd pay for Kaiser fashionable.
  7. I've been reading through the Chinese, and admittingly I'm not the best reader, but the only real substance is far is about the camera. It's okay, they say, with a little red bias, and has a oil painting effect under insufficient lighting. The rest of the vitals you can actually gleam from the English / Arabic numerals. I'm probably too lazy to slog through the rest for such a phone that really isn't so exciting.
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