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  1. It failed their testing so they aren't doing it in the UK.
  2. Not sure I'm understanding you correctly, but all active sync devices should have this functionality. On the device, in your email Inbox..... Click menu then tools then manage folders, tick the ones you want to be synchronised. hth DJ
  3. If you scroll your finger over the icons a big sign pops out telling you which ones which ;)
  4. I'm not sure how to find out which version I have, but assuming you've got your own maps then I guess it's legal for me to send you the cab file from my device if you PM me your email addy? Can anyone confirm if this is ok? MODS: If this is not allowed, please let me know. I won't send anything till I know either way. Thanks, DJ
  5. Mine arrived today ;) It's absolutely quality, the screen is just vast. Tom Tom 6 works a charm and I can see the speed cameras for miles lol The only gripe I have so far is there is no scroll wheel or dpad. p.s. how good is that teeter game? Thanks mobilesdirect :D
  6. What I wanted to do is an option, but it would cost me £260 quid lol. I'm getting a PAYG sim(from somewhere, anywhere to get one free atm?), moving my number to it, and moving it right back to TMobile on that 18 month contract above with mobilephonesdirect. Don't mind losing my current contract as much as I'd mind losing my number! DJ
  7. That site says they offer upgrades, wonder if they can upgrade a contract that was taken out directly with T-Mobile cause my current contract is awesome! Flext 35 + web'n'walk (18 months) Your plan includes: web surfing and e-mails Unlimited* internet browsing and email on the move. £180 Use your allowance on any mix of UK calls, voicemail, texts & picture messages. £180 allowance gets you up to 900 minutes or 1800 texts. Don’t decide in advance, just use your phone and use it up. Contract ends 01/04/2009 Additional services Service cost exc VAT To add or remove services, check/uncheck and click Update Services Services you currently have: Remove Content Lock Free Video Calling Free £5 OFF line rental Free Mobile e-mail Free Picture Messaging Free Capped Data Rate Free Weekend Calling Free 5000 minutes/month on weekends Paying £35/month If I could stay on this with the Touch Pro 2 I would be very happy. Even though I never come close to using my allowance! :D DJ
  8. The only tarrif I've seen on Vodafone says unlimited internet but then says they mean 500mb a month. That's half what I currently get :D I REALLY want this phone, but T-Mobile confirmed to me today when I went into their store that they won't be getting it. They also said the window for them getting new windows mobile phones has now closed and they won't get any new ones until probably January next year. The compact V is there, in their monthy catalogue. I am looking for the best deal on the Rhodium with unlimited internet now, as I've held one today and it's much nicer than my Vario III ;)
  9. T-Mobile told me they will have this in the next couple of months as they are currently putting it through testing and they only do this with devices they inten to supply. I said I wanted to upgrade to this or leave an he said I should wait for a couple of months before I do one as they will probably have it by then.
  10. Close they offered me an MDA Compact IV. But they did say that they are currently testing the HD and I should hold on for a month or two if I want that one.
  11. I'm in the same position, I'm eligible for upgrade as of today. Not sure what to get tbh, don't even know if I can get the touch HD on T-Mobile yet?? If I can I might.
  12. Is this already out on t-mobile? I know I'm not well informed but I thought it was orange exclusive for now? I asked T-Mobile (in-store) about upgrading to this phone and they had never heard of it and didn't think they had an plans to stock it :/ DJ
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