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  1. You can flash a radio without affecting your rom version, but if you are using a custom rom then check out if it works OK with whatever radio version you are choosing. I think flashing anything like that will invalidate your warranty, but who cares about that ... if you need to send your phone back then just re-flash it with a stock rom! :P
  2. Any recommendations for radio version for an O2 UK HD2, with the April 23 NRG rom? Anyone in the UK & on O2 using NRG roms find a better reception with any of the recent radio roms? I am currently on 2.07.50 as recommended for the NRG rom, but my signal at home is pretty poor.
  3. Hmm ... I absolutely agree that Handango has wel over-stepped the mark on this one. I stopped using them long ago, I dunno if anyone remembers John Cody and his excellent alarm app for smartphone? He posted on several forums about his ridiculous treatment as a developer by Handango, and in support of his cause I stopped even visiting to see what they had on offer. I would actively support any campaign to help bring their evil plans to an end. I think that one of the big isues will be that there is still a majority (I guess) of users that will only buy online from websites they percieve to be "safe". I know plenty of WM phone owners currently who will not buy online from developers own sites because they say they don't know if they can trust them. I think it's a case of customer perception. Developers are still choosing to use Handango even thought they are clearly evil, which really just means that there is no viable alternative. As someone else said, 100x50% is better than 10x80%. I believe that a large percentage of customers in the mobile market would stop using Handango if they A) understood just how evil their plans are ... and :( had an alternative shop to go to that they felt comfortable/safe using. I believe that a minority of the overall windows mobile market will ever use internet forums, so publicising the Handango issues & the plight of the small developer could be difficult. Me? I only use SBSH products. They provide all I need to use my phone effectively & I buy direct from their site. I advise you do the same. :D
  4. Thanks for the info. Well, thanks T MO for forcing me into having to 'get' a copy of outlook 2007. And then people wonder about software piracy ... I don't know ... :(
  5. Hmm ... anyone else on TMobile? Seems a bit outrageous to stop supplying the necessary app for syncing, since that's a major benefit of Windows Mobile.
  6. Erm ... I have been searching around for a while in the hopes of finding a solution to my current syncing issues with my brand new Vista PC but have not found what I'm looking for. I have set up a sync partnership with my T MobileMDA Touch, and it says that calendar, tasks & contacts are synchronised. I installed the software from the CDROM that came with my Touch, and there seemed to be no version of outlook on it. My Vista Home Permium edition has a 'windows mail' app, and a contacts folder in 'my documents' but neither of these things has synced with my phone. I saw some posts mentioning similar "where's me contacts" type stuff, but the solution seemed to be installing outlook 2007. I don't think I got a copy of that with my phone. Or am I being a dummy - is the windows mail app actually outlook 2007? I dunno! :( I only got the thing yesterday, and I haven't quite decided if I quite like vista, or if I'm going to have to taje the hard drive out & burn it in order to re-install XP!! I have a copy of jeyo mobile companion, and I have my contacts backed up on my XP laptop anyway, so it's not a huge issue. But I would quite like to have my contacts available on my desktop too. Can anyone point me in the right direction? :D
  7. Well, both to be quite honest! Thanks for your reply, they are both enabled but I just seem to have real trouble working it! After several frustrating hours last night I did manage to get the cube working a few times, but it still seems to only work for me 1 in 10 tries. I dunno if any other users have had the same difficulty, but I don't think there's anything wrong with the handset, I think it's just my big, clumsy hands!! ;)
  8. ;) I have just gone & got myself a lovely, tiny little MDA Touch from TMobile. Great little, tiny thing it is!! But I just cannot get TouchFlo working at all!?! It says in the manual that you move your finger upwards on the screen from the logo - I must have doen that a thousand times now & nothing. Any tips here?
  9. And another thing ... with the iPhone seeming to take the world markets by storm & price reductions being announced by Apple in the run up to a European release ... you'd think that competitors would want to REALLY entice the smartphone market with some lovely new phones & features ... wouldn't you??????
  10. Aye, but like I said its the expensive option. Anyway, all I wanted to do was give off about rip-off Britain! ;)
  11. Hmm ... its been a while since my last rant! ;) I don't know about you guys, I can't help but feel that we in the UK are getting a very poor deal at the minute. Orange UK has yet to release a single WM6 upgrade (as far as I can see), while countries throughout the world already have them. Lovely new handsets are being released all the time, but they arrive in the UK last - the latest news being that T-mobile are claiming their variation of the HTC Kaiser is "just not ready" or something? I don't understand - how can a phone that has had nothing but rave reviews and is on general release all over, not be ready for release? Maybe what they mean is they haven't quite filled the ROM with stupid, meaningless apps & nice pictures that we don't need. Now, I know that marketing strategies need to play out - Orange aren't going to release a brand new handset only months after releasing the HTC Touch ... but I for one am sick to death of being controlled by the ridiculous UK mobile networks marketing policies. I also know I can buy a network free handset, but that's a pretty expensive alternative. I just can't help feeling that we in the UK are getting a rally bum deal. We pay exorbitant rates for phone usage, and the smarphone providers are slow on the uptake of new devices, produce really rubbish ROMS designed to tie you into spending money on their network rather than to maximise your device's potential, and offer no upgrades whatsoever. Even the occassional Orange ROM update seems to have fallen by the wayside. Is there an alternative? Or do we just need to get together enough weapons to actually start the revolution?? Who's with me??!! :wub:
  12. Nice post! I've seen the 2nd one before. I'mnot sure about the whole "explosives" theory - but there is quite a bit of evidence that indicates it. I much prefer theories that involve the old MI6/IRA tactic, which was they used to gather impressionable youngsters in Belfast under the guise of being a dissident Republican terrorist group, initiate them, indoctrinate them & then send them off on an assassination mission, which would then be thwarted by the Police (who were obviously being tipped off the entire time). This accomplished 2 goals for the British - they got to publicise a news story about how effective the anti-terrorist branch was, and the Republican movement recieved negative publicity as a result. I wager that the CIA is/has been/always will be using tactics like this to "create" Al-Queda. It's a pretty good system to use - the terrorists are "real" in the sense that they actually believe they are conducting operations for AQ, when/if they are arrested then they are unaware that they have been used as pawns (they think they really are AQ), if anyone else stumbles across the plot then there is sufficient "deniablity" for the authorities, and ultimately they can create any number of different scenarios that they want to happen. It's the PNAC (Project for the New American Century) statements that really worry me. They openly discussed pre-9/11 about how a "new Pearl Harbour" was necessary to allow the US to engage foreign (mainly oil producing) nations, under the guise of military action to "protect" the American public.
  13. Don't we all m8! :) (sorry, someone had to do it!)
  14. Thanks! :P And I hope tosee your masterpieces available for download soon! Have you seen some of the rlToday skins at the SBSH forums? Bob_55 does some really nice stuff with it.
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