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  1. I ran into the same problem when rcving calls. What i do is i just kill the screen by pressing the power button (killing the screen becomes a habit to me anyway since im such a power-consious freak :( ). Might be stone age shortcut, but saves you fm tinkering with the registry or installing another memory consuming apps. Hope that helps.
  2. Got me the P3450 (budget version, 128/64 memory). I installed the phone pad for texting and happy tapping for email/longer messages (assigned the camera button to rotate the screen so i have quick access to landscape mode). For email i use the happy tapping (i believe that this software have managed to proof itself to be robust). Love the way this unit allows me to maximize one hand operation :(
  3. hi guys, just an update. i finally went down with the touch. text input was a real a problem with this unit, but once i learned abt 3rd party keyboard, the decision was pretty much easy to take. had it over a week, installed happy tapping and phone pad and its been working smoothly. much appreciate your input guys....
  4. paging jim a neil... after a while tinkering with the outlook mobile i finally figure out how it works. size/location of the msg is not configurable, however i can roughly limit the size simply by selecting the period to download (past day,2 days, week etc) and what (header only, first 0.5k etc). much appreciate your help guys :(
  5. ouch. so that means i have to manually maintain the size of the file, right? ok then...thanks for your info :(
  6. sorry...i cant seem to find it. where is it located? can i move it to my storage card and set outlook to update to that folder? thanks/luke
  7. sorry. i dont know what happened with the multiple posts. mr moderator pls delete my earlier posts.
  8. hi guys, re: the mobile outlook. where does it store the data file. i tried to find it in the storage and device, but i cannot find it. the problem is that my device's free memory is soooo limited. better to have the data file on the storage card. can anyone help me abt this? Brgds/Luke
  9. its been hard for me. really. i just realised tt im another victim of the touch. the more i look at it the more i wanted it :D guess i should take the motorola q9h (hell, company's paying for it anyway) and buy my own touch. thanks for the advice bro :(
  10. A bit confused here. i saw the official site and it said tt the treo runs on wm6 but other sites say that it runs on wm5. anyone can clarify?
  11. i live in indonesia, network : telkomsel. noted the absence of keyboard (and the virtual keyboard wont help much either, i imagine), however, wont handwriting recognition helps? brgds
  12. Hi guys, I've been a lurker for sometime (my first smartphone is dopod s300, looked for help and found one here :( ). i need some advice and i hope you guys could help me here. I have a blackberry 7730 (std gear fm my office) and recently the IT dept announce tt they are going to replace the old bberry units with new ones. the following are the rules laid down: 1. replacement units doesnt have to be blackberry, as long as they support push email 2. prefer WM6 than WM5 3. budget : USD500 max naturally i use the bberry mainly for emails and documents (attachments) viewing. we receive ard 400 emails daily. my bberry 7730 can hold only ard 1200msg, so i have only limited archive, which is very annoying. i look forward to have this problem solved on my replacement unit. never edited any office files on a hand held before, but if i could get a unit tt allows me to do that comfortably, it would be wonderful. camera and 3g is not really necessary. did a bit of researching on the net and i have narrowed down my options into the following: 1. motorola q8 2. samsung i620 3. htc touch field research had been very disappointing since i can only found htc touch available at stores so i couldnt really get the 'feel' for i620 and q8 models. can any one share their opinions/experience with these models? or maybe suggest other models that i have overlooked? thanks for your help.
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