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  1. Great rom lancez. can i ask why after installing photo album the phone doesn't seem to want to open photos using that? Instead i can only use pictures & videos prog to view photos. it's kinda troublesome cos i have to choose the folders where i have stored my photos in order to view them. whereas if you use photo album it just displays all photos. i have try opening photos using the open with function on resco explorer but it will just hang.
  2. did the reg and thought it didn't work but after 2 days, it decided to work?? but working intermittenly. out of 10msgs i would say 8 gets sent without the msg sent notification or alert. leaving it to see if it gets better. weird..
  3. 1st time using gps here. i've installed GMXT and everything's up but just not getting a fix on the satellites. a noob question here, do i need a port splitter for it to work?
  4. no worries. will upgrade to a later ROM b4 trying yr messagebox program again. im sure it will work. n it will be great. Thx Taril for all yr selfless efforts.. :)
  5. im on G7 clean ROM but no diff after installing cab. msgs still not threaded. uninstalled n reinstalled but still the same.
  6. been using it for quite some time already. it's the best there is around. everything works fine except the bluetooth icon for me.
  7. wow.. finally the wait has paid off. it works exactly like the program torch! :)
  8. the registry value is already there with value data as 1 from day 1 when i got the phone and the bubble notification appears everytime i send a message.
  9. resco photo viewer is a great app you might wanna try but it cun show you your videos, just photos..
  10. if you go to settings/sound settings/touch alert, u can set sound for dialler & virtual input panel(keyboard). is there a registry tweak that sets the sound only for the dialpad? cos the sound for the keyboard is kinda irritating.
  11. i'm really a noob when it comes to these stuff. am i right to say that one needs to create a partition in My Storage to place this backup which can be utilized in the event of bricking? if so, it's a damn good thing. kudos to Taril. :) and how can others like me, who are technically challenged, go about putting this great backup into our phones? and how do we use it if we should brick our phones while flashing? how does it automatically activates itself?
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