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  1. Don't understand why people keep bashing this initiative? Whilst I agree that suing HTC was never a viable option - they've done nothing 'legally' wrong whatsoever, apart perhaps from a few overzealous advertising claims that might be a bridge too far - the point here was that they were a very difficult organisation to get to sit up and take notice of a growing body of users complaining about the display performance of their kit. Personally I'm a regular reader of XDA-Developers and have followed this for a long time, and huge kudos to Chainfire and the others leading the charge who've first tried to code their own drivers and then sorted the petition and website to crank the pressure up on HTC when that proved fruitless. It's fantastic that its getting a lot of web coverage, and indeed as cited above HTC seems to have already changed its tune regarding prior 'dunno what you're talking about' responses....now it is looking at the problem! Who isn't going to want a faster display for these devices? I'm not that bothered about video playback or games, but if it shaves milliseconds off the response time on simple redraw - even just from flipping portrait to landscape, I'll be a very happy camper indeed :)
  2. Yeah read this....what a laugh. Your £12.50 is better than my £12.50. If it was a limited time offer I'd understand, but the fact this is being touted as the new standard for the tariff means adding it to existing users should have been a no brainer. I really hope they see sense soon. Grrrrr. Of course, wouldn't be such a problem if their HSDPA network wasn't so obscenely temperamental. I've had 4 or 5 outages of 3G or data lasting several hours since I opened my account in November. Which is terrible reliability in my book. And of course, all you ever get from customer services is 'our engineers have nearly resolved the problem'. Yeah, sure.... /rant :D
  3. You know you can set it up to act as a WiFi access point too? Bit slicker than Bluetooth, you just need to change a setting to 'relabel' the Bluetooth PAN to use the Kaiser's WiFi adapter instead so when you kick off the Bluetooth PAN you will actually use WiFi instead. Have a search on XDA Developers as there's a good how-to....think I posted here about it a while back, but don't have it to hand, apologies! In fact I think I recall someone posting about an application that did the config for this WiFi fiddle a while back? Anyone seen this?
  4. This seems to be getting loads of coverage, but if I remember correctly, Orange UK (yes, I know) had something that did almost exactly this, three years ago through their basic web service!!! My first smartphone was a C500 and on the 'my homepage' through Orange you could bring up a map (yes, a map with graphics and whatnot!!!) of your approximate location, which was clearly based on rough triangulation? I'm now T-Mob so can't check if its still there these days. Google seem to be getting a lot of back patting for this and I'm usually an Orange-basher but in this case I think Google are getting a bit of unfair kudos!
  5. Hmm, well I'm on the June-dated hardware mentioned above. I have to say I'm quite interested by a newer hardware revision! After all my complaining previously I decided to leave it a little while before changing the handset, but perhaps now i should get T-Mob to swap it...? Anyone else confirm whether they have the same problem on the newer 090807(RB01)/EU (September I take it) revision?
  6. Oddly, I tried a reset/restore the other day and for a while it came back, thought all was well, then it dropped again. Did it again today - backed up, reset, restored about five minutes later.....and sure enough, H is back.....briefly only ;) I went a bit nuts with software installs when I first got it but I've been stable for weeks now, whereas this problem is just totally unpredictable! Does anyone think a new radio ROM would sort this out, or is this just something we're going to have to live with?
  7. Just wanted to bump this thread again to give me the chance to rant..... Now my HSDPA has disappeared again. It literally NEVER comes on any more. Can't believe I'm saying this, but I think I might be sending it back and I'm not sure I want another VIII to replace it while this problem occurs. I bought this as a data device, and it just doesn't deliver. And if I can't even get decent 3G/HSDPA in the middle of London then where will I get it?!? I'm just not convinced by the 'weak tranceiver' problem....how would that explain the gradual deterioration that has taken place? It worked when I got it, then started dropping calls, then had HSDPA problems...it just shouldn't be getting worse and worse! Bottom line, it doesn't do what it says on the tin, which I think rather makes it a Sale of Goods Act problem, not that I think T-Mob will be particularly difficult about the problem. Frustrated and frankly gutted! Will call them and see what they say.
  8. Hmmm. Not sure I agree with that appraisal? 3G coverage in the centre of London can't be an issue with real signal strength...network congestion maybe, but surely not signal strength? Especially on the 9th floor of our office which T-Mob confirmed has full HSDPA coverage? And at home (likewise full coverage). And in Edinburgh when I visited? Can't imagine that tranceiver characteristics differ that much that I just 'got a bad one' either, unless HTCs QC processes are absolutely apalling? Also, if it was signal strength I wouldn't expect it to have good periods and bad periods, I'd expect it to be constantly intermittent or low? But this seems to work fine for several hours, then just go off on the blink?!? Furthermore, the problem seems to be made worse around the handoffs between voice and data - ie if I'm in or have just finished a data session there's a lower likelihood of a call working inbound or outbound, and it takes a long time to establish a data connection after a voice call as though there's some transitioning phase that's just not behaving correctly. Really hoping that somewhere there's a patch or firmware update en route to address this as I love my Kaiser but at this rate I'd be better on a bl**dy iPhone. ;)
  9. Thanks for the reference, reading that other post exactly pins down my problem :( really hope that it is a combination of network problems and not just the phone. On the plus side, if it is the phone at least I can replace it later. It has been okay today but still periodically recurs. Doesn't bode well!
  10. You'll be pleased to hear their technical support guys couldn't call me back (because of this problem) so left a note on my account saying it was 'a known issue with your handset so you may wish to speak to us for a different model'.....;) :( that just sounds so ridiculous. Basically your phone doesn't work on 3G. Erm, no.......
  11. Right, just spoken (again) to T-Mobile...getting pretty p*ssed off with their poor service here, despite loving HSDPA. But great as it is, its not worth not being able to make phone calls for :S Basically, its 3G issue. ...I described my problem to the services folks and they called back a while later and said set the phone to GSM....well great! Can make calls again! Only now the data connection is clearly locked to GPRS only so they can sod off if they think that's a 'solution' as I'm paying for my 3 gigs for a good reason ;) Called back a little annoyed and got put through to technical support who said they were having no issues with their 3G network(different to the recorded messages that were on the customer services line last week)..and what postcode was I in. Told them I had been in two postcodes in London and in Edinburgh and had the same problem everywhere I went. They then said that they need 5 examples, separated by one hour each, in the next 24 hours, of calls being dropped. I immediately said 'I can get you five examples from my call log right now as every time I make a call I have to try about 7 times'...but apparently they can't look at these calls! So despite the fact they can clearly 'look back' this evening at my calls that fail over the day, apparently they can't look back from now over the last 24 hours. Ridiculous! Anyway, I'm now more annoyed than I was because it seems like they're not aware of the problem. :(
  12. Anyone else having serious trouble with their VIIIs on T-Mobile?! I've had problems maintaining signals, making and receiving calls, and with calls dropping out. These things have been going on intermittently for at least four days - I called T-Mob who said they were experiencing problems with the network that were 'under investigation by the engineers but expected to be fixed very quickly'....well that was three days ago and it is still happening ;) Sometimes I can try dialling about 10-15 times and then it will get through once, but often, nothing. I had the problem in London and assumed it was a local problem with network hardware but today was up in Edinburgh - same issue with the phone showing 5-bar signal strength but as soon as I make a call it gives me that infuriating bleep-of-death and says 'call ended'. When it is on the blink no-one can call me either as it will not connect. So in terms of serious problems I just wondered if anyone else had the same stuff going on? If this was a problem just at home in London I would have been understanding, but the fact that its on the blink in Edinburgh seems to suggest there's a nationwide network problem that has been going on for days?! Any ideas? [EDIT] forgot to say, this problem comes a week and a half after I had two days of 3G problems - so first their data network throws a wobbly, then the voice? Hate to say it because I love my 3 gigs of data, but I had a technically better service from Orange, even if their customer service was garbage!
  13. If nothing is helping the speed, it might be a problem (or a lack of optimisation for...) the Qualcomm chip in the Kaiser? Maybe PocketSNES is more friendly to XScale processors? Erm, try a different emulator? MorphGear has a SNES module that might work...you will not get sound working though?
  14. Hmmm, I'm a new subscriber and in my services I see 'Capped Data Rate' or something of that ilk in my services. However I do get the H icon. Would this imply that I'm not getting max capacity out of my Web'n'Walk plus or because I'm new, do you think its just on by default? Confusing indeed?!? :(
  15. Another vote for PhoneAlarm...really neat bit of kit. Have stuck with the HTC Home myself as the settings are overkill for my phone usage but some of the skins on PhoneAlarm are really slick, and functionally it's really impressive!
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