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    HTC TyTN II Annoyances

    Thanks for the tip Phil, I already had my ringtone set to ring from the device (not storage). But then I tried one of the standard tones, and that seems to have speeded it up, like you said (Only 1-2 second delay). Looks like I'll have to edit my mp3 ringtones (cut them shorter to reduce ther size?). Thanks again..
  2. jw66

    HTC TyTN II Annoyances

    I've had my TyTN II for just over aweek now, can't criticize it much. Not been having the SOD problems, but I haven't set the ID check to come on after standyby. The most annoying thing I've found is that, it takes the phone a good 4-5 seconds to wake up from Standby when theres an incoming call. My phone doesn't start ringing until 1-2 after that. Sometimes by the time I pick it up, its to late and the person calling me has already been forwarded to voicemail. For the person ringing me, they are already hearing upto 7-8 rings before I know I have to pick up. Anyone else have this problem...? Any clues on what the cause could be?
  3. jw66

    The 'I got my Vario III' thread

    Hello everyone, I'm new here. I just ordered my Vario iii from 'Powerupmobile' on Flext £35 with Web b' Walk [12mth] new contract plan and £150 for the handset. Not sure if that is expensive, but well worth it I think. I should be expecting the delivery within the next couple of days. Has anyone else ordered from 'Powerupmobile' before? What courier (i.e./Parcelforce) fo they use? I'm hoping HTC will release the newly introduced virtual keyboard for this device too ;) JEz.

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