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  1. What do people think is the best media player on the Touch Dual? I was looking for something that will let me fast-forward rewind etc. Thanks
  2. I am getting a Touch Plus on T Mobile (web and walk) next week, can’t wait. Can I pick all your brains on a few things? First up which is the best Web browser I have used Opera Mobile on my Vario 2 as well as IE (I upgraded the OS to Mobile 6 so I guess it was IE 6) I do like the zoom in Opera, but both seemed very slow in scrolling, would this be the memory on the Vario 2. I also want to be able to download files of about 10 Meg, as I sometime lose the signal which is best at resuming or it there a good download manger I can buy. I have read the Opera Mini is very fast but does it not send you a cut down version of the websites? Would I get charged for this? Does any know how I can save my favourites from my Vario and load them on to the Touch? And total off subject, is it possible to look up Google maps (not the mobile version but full) and save it so I can print it off on my PC, or print from the Phone if it is connected to the PC. Many thanks
  3. Thanks for the heads up. I have a GPS unit for my Vario but it is just one more thing to carry.
  4. I am thinking very hard about getting a Touch Dual (T-Mobile) but the lack of GPS is putting me off. Google maps claims to be able to fix your location with out a GPS. I know it is not as accurate as a GPS but it would do for me, has anyone tried this? Does it work? Many thanks
  5. This link is saying it comes with 128 ram http://www.pdashop-bg.com/product.php?pid=1057 Quick question, I have the Vario II which has an on screen keyboard which you can use to enter text. Would this have the same? Thanks
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