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  1. gerrit098

    ordering program

    I'm looking a program that I can make orders. I work in a catering company I order a lot of thinks. now I do so with an excel files. I delete the rows that I do not need, this method is not very useful. So now I am looking for a program where I can click on the products that i need and when i i`m ready its have to make a text file or excel file. does anyone know if there is a program who can do this for windows mobile Excuse me for my bad english kind regard, gerrit
  2. gerrit098

    B7610 Flasing problems

    UPDATE: after waiting for 2 ours nothing happens, so i unplug the phone. i reboot the pc and start over again this time i downloaded octans mini used the files .mst and .csc after 10 minutes it is done. :D the phone works again. is it useful to do the .ebo and the .bin file with octans???
  3. gerrit098

    B7610 Flasing problems

    3 days ago i get my new phone the B7610 so i have a party ;) i opened the box played for 5 minutes and start flashing to the newest rom. :D On all the pc`s are XP HOME I install the NPS software selected update, yes i accept, no i dont want to backup and there it start to download. so far so good. it start to update the phone goos to download mode. and then the NPS software crasht. after 2 ours doing nothing i pull out the usb plug. reboot the phone and i still works. so i grabs another PC en the same thing happens. So i grabs another PC :D and i starts to update :D the happiness dos`t take long it stucks @ 20% i wait for a 2 ours but nothing happens. i reboot the phone but i wont boot anymore the only thing that came in the display was a phone(picture) ---- ! ----- PC(picture) i downloaded Octans and a rom start flashing and in 5 minutes the phone was ready but not with the newest rom :D i run NPS AGAIN start downloading and of-course it stucks. i started searching on the harddrive for the files that NPS downloaded. i found the next files -B7610NXENJC2.csc -Eboot_B7610NXXJC2_HW_70.eb0 -PDA_B7610NXXJC2_HW_70.mst -Phone_B7610XXJC1.bin back to Octans i put in all the files. Detect - Start download - it start to download and the phone download mode. after a few seconds the phone reboot. Octans nows about it and reconnect. after that Octans "reconnect Succes" and now nothing happens and i'm still waiting all ready 25 minutes. dos anybody now what i do wrong??? i apologizes for my English Kind regards, Gerrit
  4. let him go men, if you can do it better or faster than do it by your self. keep up the good work bruno!
  5. Thanks for the link. but would`t work for my phone. for that update the phone must have the right kind of pervious rom
  6. That would be great do you have a link
  7. Maybe i`m blind but i can`t find the dutch download link? can somebody provide the link
  8. Hello I can`t find a new Dutch rom for my omnia I900 does anybody have a download link for my please current version: pda : i900dthj5 phone : i900xxhj1
  9. gerrit098

    omnia i900 wouldn"t boot

    No i didn`t But i keep traying B) if i got an solution i will post it here
  10. excuse my for my bad english My omnia wouldn't boot any more, the only thing it those is a black screen white small letter samsung and big letters omnia. It do not respond on a hard reset. i thit tried to flash but is dos not connect with te flash program (i900DXHH1) i also install the driver Can anybody help my whit this problem whit kind regards gerrit

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