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  1. this topic may help... http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=380329
  2. Is there any special tricks to doing this? I am going to try it. Do I need to CID unlock the phone prior to installing the HTC rom? Also - where can I download the Rom? Thanks
  3. Try reducing the encryption level of the wireless network. I used to be on orange and my sp5 never used to connect. I changed it from WPA to WEP on the livebox and my sp5 would connect every time. The livebox has the built in mac filtering so it is still secure even on WEP encryption.
  4. Has anyone noticed that the data bundles have been taken off the new customer sign up pages of orange.co.uk?? Can we expect some sort of announcement soon? Would be nice to get official confirmation on release dates/size limits etc!
  5. yeah it runs fine on my sp5. there is a help option on the menu with all the instructions.
  6. Have you tried the free golf game from ms? Be careful tho: it is very addictive!! http://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobile/domore/mobile/games.mspx>link
  7. Another note: Ensure your device is app unlocked as it may require access to restricted APIs to install root certs.
  8. Surely you could buy the t-mobile sim only deal on the web for 7.50 a month and add the web n walk deal onto that once you have subscribed? I do not have one but I am currently looking into it - I have been told this can be done. http://www.t-mobile.co.uk/eshop/personal/sim/paym-plans-sim.do>T Mobile Sim Only Deal
  9. I wish it was. I cannot run any maps newerr than 605 on my tomtom mobile 5.2. If you have got yours working I would love to hear how and what versions you have.
  10. Tomtom maps after 605 do not work on tomtom mobile 5.200. Please refer to http://www.pocketgpsworld.com/tomtom-map-versions.php>this compatitbility chart
  11. This sounds like exactly what I've been looking for. I live in an area where Tmob reception is non existant. I look forward to seeing confirmation or a press release on the O website ;)
  12. Theres only one problem with that in my area: I would need an arial the size of big ben to get even the slightest reception!! I know a lot of people say it - but tmobs coverage really is pants! ;)
  13. Its just such a shame when we have all these features that we cannot use because of such high data charges (e.g push e-mail to name one). I find it absolutely shameful that O can charge £1 a megabyte. Flat rate access aside if they made their current bundles realistic (i.e. £5 = 50mb) then this would be a vast improvement.
  14. I read in the metro newspaper on the train this morning that the network 3 are soon to be offering flat rate internet access on your phone for £5 a month. With Tmob offering WnW and this deal from 3 do you think it will force O to change their data plan structures?? ;) Will try and dig out a link from their website but it was definately in the newspaper...
  15. Sounds like you need to access the configuration pages for your router and create some port forwarding rules. If you dont know what your doing it may not be the best idea to change the settings though. To access the settings pages get the default gateway of your network card and browse to that address in internet explorer. These addresses are usually or
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