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  1. Cool, thanks! I got it working. Now, does anyone have a suggestion for a comparable product to Pocket Plus?
  2. Thanks Snoog- I have tried the city look up feature and received no search results. Even for Aspen CO, Malibu CA. I will reload and give another try. If you get a moment could you try zip code 91320 or 91361 and see if you get anything. Then I will for sure know it is my opeerator error.
  3. Thanks for your help. Any suggestions on a good app for a smartphone that does what Pocket Plus offers? Or for what SPB weather does, Fizz Weather doesn't have the cities I need.
  4. Since SPB Pocket Plus and SPB Weather say they are compatible with "Windows Mobile 5.0 Device", does this mean it will work on my Cingular 2125? I have tried to install but get the error "Not intended for this device" but wondered if this is a compatibility issue or a app lock issue. Side note-I have edited my reg keys 00001001 to value 1 (which it already was) and 00001005 to 40
  5. Does anyone know if it is possible to set the calendar to always start in the month view instead of the day view?
  6. Whoscalling

    SPeed dial voicemail

    I think it should be *86pp#xxxx At least it is on my Verizon voicemail
  7. Whoscalling

    Time update

    You would think that having a "Local Time" Icon ton your home page that read off the local network time would be nice. :idea:
  8. OK, this one baffles me. Verizon has been back ordered for over a month on the i600 travel charger and says do not hold your breath for the next supposed delivery because they have missed the last 3. Samsung does not show a travel charger under accessories for i600 on their webpage either. I am wondering what the problem is with this charger causing it to be so hard to get? Any ides?
  9. There is a Customer Service mathematical equation you should be made aware of when dealing with Customer Service related to the i600- "The number of different answers you will get relates directly to the number of different Customer Service people you talk to.....and that number is null due to the fact none of the answers are correct."
  10. Whoscalling

    Time update

    Your point is good and I agree. I have just become accustomed to using my phone as a good source of local time when traveling.
  11. Whoscalling

    Time update

    Not suprising, but when I spoke to Verizon about the time update issue they told me that the phone should be up dating when I power on in a new time zone. They also recommended to ship me a new replacement phone. Before I go to extremes I now will try Samsung and see if I get a different answer.
  12. A week ago a bought this holster/case,,, getting the black tab on the back of the phone case to lock (snap) into place is difficult. Are you experiencing the same???
  13. Whoscalling

    Time update

    I travel around the US for business regularly. With past phones I have had when I land in a new city (new time zone) I would turn my phone on and the local time would automatically be updated on my phone. Since I have had the i600 it does not perform the update of the time. It always says Home and shows my California time. My network setting on the phone is automatic B as Verizon suggested. Anyone else had this problem and are there any suggestions for a fix?
  14. I went to Best Buy and purchased Body Gloves small (I think it was made for a Motorola V60) swivle phone holder. It holds the phone close to the body and is fairly easy to pull out and replace the phone while providing good protection. Overall grade B+.
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