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  1. Were the fc a fluke, or still present? Cannot decide whether to flash.
  2. Post nr 1 states: > In order to use this ROM on your device, you must have a custom recovery image installed (Clockwork Mod). I used visionary to TEMPROOTmy device, Then I used Titanum backup to install Clockwork Mod. So literally, my device now fits the requirement: I have Clockwork Mod installed. Right? Anyway, I am a bit hesitant. Will this work, or should I do a PERMROOT? EDIT: Well well, isn't this a busy forum. On other forums I have found the answer. The first post of this thread is incomplete. You need full root and S-OFF. Thanks all for helping.
  3. Similar problem: I have a sim-lock free Desire Z (not unlocked by me, but bought simlock free out of the box). Every now and then, it will lose signal. I will get the "emergency calls only" message in the notification bar. Sometimes a restart helps. sometimes it doesnt. Seems a firmware bug thing to me.
  4. wvn

    netherlands english on my HTC desire

    The answer is so simple, that I fear I must have misunderstood your question. Home screem -> Menu -> Settings -> Language and keyboard -> Select language, then select "English (United Kingdom)". Should work. Wouter
  5. Yep, I have that too. ___________ 2) BusyBox -- I've Googled this for hours now so please somebody check their phone for my sanity. In /system/xbin are all of the BusyBox commands. There's also a directory called bb. In this directory are all of the BusyBox commands again, and a directory called bb. Again. In this directory...well, that goes on for at least 130 nested levels, all of which are identical. I got annoyed with them last night and deleted them all, and didn't reclaim any space (so I suspect they're symlinks and nothing more), but after a reboot they were back. All of them. Any ideas? Does anyone else have this?
  6. I have had market trouble for the last few days off and on. Repeatedly had to press "cancel download" and then re-click "install". Then it would work. Bit of a hit and miss. Trouble seems to have gone away now. Don't think it had anything to do with the ROM.
  7. I have the same experience. And yes, I always wipe before flashing. AND do a reboot.
  8. wvn

    MCR r8 Archive

    If you wipe, the problem will disappear. You need to setup your phone from scratch, and your contacts will be reloaded from your Google account. And their pics will show up in messages. If you do not want to wipe, a previous poster suggested "clearing" your contacts and let them reload (sync) again from your Google account. I do not to what "clearing" means in this context. If it means deleting them all, I am too scared to do that though, coz I dont know how to do that without the phone syncing the deletes BACK to Google and erasing all your contacts there. So what I do is go into my contact list, delete the contact pic, add it again, and voila it shows up in messages. As I only message with a limited nr of my contacts, this was not much work.
  9. wvn

    MCR r8 development archive

    *deleted* please ignore, the question I answered here had already been anwered. Twice.
  10. wvn

    Access to Plus Lounge

    Thanks for the info.
  11. wvn

    Access to Plus Lounge

    Ok, a week has passed, my WaveSecure subscription has expired, I have sent several PM's and an e-mail, posted this thread, and ------ *nothing* What is going on? Why don't I even get a reply? And NO, it is NOT the payment method, because I did *immediately* receive a confirmation mail from Modaco and when I check my subscription status, I *am* registered as a Plus member. However, I sill cannot access the lounge. Could someone please fix this? I would really appreciate it.
  12. A few days ago I signed up (and paid) for Plus membership. However, I am being refused access to the Plus lounge. And so, I cannot get to the Plus goodies. Is there anything I missed? Should do? Pledge allegiance? Beg?
  13. wvn

    MCR r8 development archive

    Would you by any chance have JuiceDefender installed?
  14. wvn

    Battery of 2.1 Rom

    Just throwing in my experience: the 2.1. rom seems to use the same amount of juice as the 1.5 (original and mcr) one. Can't see a difference. But I do not use the phone a lot.
  15. Great looking fast ROM. However, Exchange does not work. At least, if you do a manual setup. Keeps saying FAILED TO CONNECT TO THE EXCHANGE SERVER, please check your settings. The settings are correct, I am sure. Also, the speed with which the error message is returned indicates the phone is not really "trying" to connect to the exchange server. As i need the exchange server, i will go back to 1.5 for now. *sigh*

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