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  1. As i said in the subject, i want to manage contacts without using outlook... thanks anyway
  2. I have a load of contacts from other phones, in windows address book and csv format. Is there a contact manager app for my VarioIII that can process these formats and manage the transfer to the phone? thanks in advance.
  3. Too add, I like that with the original one, it can stay on my belt and has the elastics to make it safe to drop the handset in from above, while on the move. Fold the flap and velcro over and its safe.
  4. I have a Vario3, came with a nice leather case, belt hook type, fold over flap, and it had a hard plastic in the flats of it to protect the LCD screen. A nice young boxer dog ate it , the LCD survived so i'm rating the design. I've got £20ish to replace the case. Any thoughts, as i'm new to PDA phones and really have no idea of the market. Please no, 'look online and choose one you like' posts.
  5. any idea about my problem of app to date not running? can i get an installer to try it fresh or something?
  6. My AppToDate wont run. I click, the 'working' pie chart animation comes on and it stays, indefinatly. no further response, no error message. On Tmob, flext with WnW. Any ideas.
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