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  1. Sorted it!. That was scary for a bit.
  2. So, I am currently running Leeddroid with the phone rooted thanks to Paul. I have just put chainfird 3d on it and reset wanting to do a back up. I am now in a boot loop that wont allow me to get into CWM back up. The screen flickers and to show CWM but then goes to the HTC logo. What next guys?. Cheers. Matt.
  3. Mine gets delivered before 10!. Woo Hoo!.
  4. Morning. All seemed good. Restored from titanium. It says I need to update 80 apps but I am getting error (-101) in the market. What do I need to do guys?. Cheers. Matt.
  5. Looks great but I cant get loads of Apps to install. Comes up with cant be installed to phone or SD even though there is loads of space. Any ideas?. Thanks Gary.
  6. Another great Rom. Anyone find the Wifi strength symbol works then doesnt work?.
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