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  1. Hi Paul, what are you offering for those who have no interest in Filesonic? Ofiaich
  2. Hi! Have any UKModaco members updated their Samsung Glaxy Tablets. via KIES to Gingerbread 2.3? I was wondering if all went smoothly and if there are any tips before trying! I know it is good to have the tablet fully charged up, and to back up any important data! Ofiaich :unsure:
  3. Hi! Simply question! I am searching, here and XDA and will search... When Samsung are ready offer ROM updates, how will they do it? will OTA be possible? or in stores that sell the Tablet? reason for asking is that not everyone has the confidence to root, and flash so hoping to read about a Samsung simple way to update! edit - got the answer from skylt at XDA - update via KIES. Off to read about KIES now.. Ofiaich
  4. Hi everyone! I am thinking to flash this ROM to my Samsung Tablet. I am interested to know what the Exchange server email app is like. The stock rom has a GMail app and the other email app has all of the other email accounts within. I would like what my Nexus One has. A GMail app and my Exchange server account. Thanks for any information about this. Ofiaich
  5. I guess you tried this, but add the IMEI without any / in it. Just numbers. Apologies if you already did this.. Ofiaich :)
  6. Tried it and it says £5.00 for the game! Just missed out on the one day only...
  7. Actually, if you refuse to do the updates, then the messages re-appears every 1 - 2 weeks. My Nexus One has a custom rom from Modaco installed on it. I take the point that to root the Galaxy and not change the rom should mean no problems. Ofiaich
  8. Hi everyone, I rooted my Nexus One and have a minor hassle with it. Every 2 weeks or so, I get a message to install update, I say yes, then switch off, from the "service menu" <- sorry if that's the wrong word, and then I am OK for another 2 weeks or so. If I root my Galaxy Tablet using Z4Root, am I going to get the same problem? Any advice much appreciated ! Ofiaich
  9. Hi summerlove, yes, I cleared the data on the Market app, and I am always logged into GTalk. I rebooted the phone so, logged out and logged in to GTalk. I also tried this code - *#*#2432546#*#* posted over at XDA but still the same. edit - tried again deleting the data for the Market app, and on the 3rd attempt, with re-boot, the problem has gone away. Unfortunately. some of my screens in GDE have lost all shortcuts for the apps. Yes, easy to re-do, but a nuisance all the same! Ofiaich :)
  10. Thanks for your reply, I posted at XDA too! No luck yet with a solution.. Ofiaich :)
  11. Hi everyone! I have searched,,, and not found an answer.. I am trying to update Titanium Back and Beautiful Widgets but the downloading status bar on my Nexus One does not change. My Nexus One is rooted and runs a Modaco Rom which I only updated last week.. I deleted Titanium Backup and thought I would re-boot and then download again, but when I access the Market, the two apps are still trying to download. I try force close but nothing resolves the problem. Any advice much appreciated! Ofiaich
  12. Hi everyone! I feel that I followed the steps carefully! but my Nexus One is stuck and shows the colourful animation. Not sure what to do and have been reading back through this thread! Any advice much appreciated.. second attempt --- I am trying to install a new rom again... installed from the zip file, and now have the screen with formatting cache:... and the green menu above... so not sure whethther to choose the menu item - Reboot system now... or just wait... waited for 10 minutes with no new activity.. so tried Reboot system now... report back soon.. success this time! I can see in system settings, Android 2.2 and in Build nunber - Modaco Custom Rom etc...! Now to set up the screens as I like them! Ofiaich
  13. Hi crawler9, thanks for your reply, it's a nuisance to see this pop up so frequently. I agree I am out of date, and need to update. I need to read thoroughly because I am not confident with the procedures!! I was on tenterhooks, when I did the first upgrade! I will explore more about these MCR's later this morning! Ofiaich
  14. Hi everyone! I am getting messagess on my Nexus One to install a 2 part update. The first prepares the Nexus One and the second installs the update. I already installed a custom rom from here - and the build number is ERE36B with MCR2.0 I do not want to install the updates. My question is - how do I stop the notifications to update? I am searching both the Nexus, and the net! Any advice appreciated. Ofiaich
  15. Hi everyone, I need help with my friends X10. We set up a gmail address for her, when she got the phone --> [email protected] but she didn't like that address so she never used it. That address was registered with the phone by going to the mobile section of the googlemail site, and sending a text to the phone. I have since deleted this account from her phone... the reason being she set up a new address -> [email protected] but it seems she played around with that a bit, trying to synch emails etc This [email protected] account still appears on her phone because when I look for synchronisation, and look at google, I can see it in a panel. This phone is set up for [email protected] She decided to set up a third address, yes, we are going to call that [email protected] She has set up this address on the PC,. and sends her hotmail and other emails to it. We can see on the PC that emails have indeed been moved to the gmail account. We do not seem to be able to synchronise the [email protected] mail, calendar and contacts with her X10. If I click on the account, I can check mail, calendar and contacts but despite seeing some activity with a synchronisation icon, nothing synchs! I have also cleared the data from apps ->? google apps. Any advice? I will meet her tomorrow and will ask her to show me her phone again. I wonder whether we should delete all email accounts and reinstall. I don't want to do a factory reset and start again. Ofiaich ;-)
  16. Hi everyone! Need some advice please? I have GMail and Calendar working perfectly in my X10 but my friend’s calendar does not synch.. On the X10, Settings – Data Synchronisation – Google mail is checked.. Then choose select sync application – Google sync, Background data, Auto synchronisation, Calendar, Contacts Are all checked.. Select Calendar, From menu select more – My calendars Both UK holidays and [email protected] Are both checked. All seems OK on the PC! My idea is that when she set up the calendar and it asked Calendar to X10, X10 to calendar or bother directions, she maybe did something wrong there. I cannot find those settings to change them! Not sure if I delete the calendar from Google on the PC then add it again, if it would resolve the issue… Or delete from the phone and reinstall that way. I don't want to delete the google account from her phone because she added many calendar entries directly. Any ideas most welcomed!! Ofiaich
  17. lyrikal757 you are the bee's knees!!! It worked!! thanks very much for your quick reply! Ofiaich <_<
  18. Hi ! I think that I followed all of the unlocking the bootloader instructions, and then root, but I am not sure if I have been successful. I install-superboot-windows.bat with the himem option and all seemed to go well. but trying to run Torch, just gives me a black SU Request screen. Is there another way to prove whether I have successfully rooted or not? for example, 'about information' shows build plus rooted? Any advice appreciated! Ofiaich
  19. sorry ! can't find delete for a double post.. Ofiaich
  20. can you share please? I have not figured it out... Ofiaich..
  21. Hi everyone ! 57 reads but no advice... !! I am not sure what I can do to make the MSN on the ROM work again. Do I really have to install a newer version...? If you have any ideas about my thread, please tell me ! Ofiaich
  22. Hi everyone !! My first post !! I am searching, so please bear with me..... ;) Can anyone give me some advice with these problems please....? When I first used my TyTn II, after charging, I logged on to MSN with no problems. Haven't used MSN since.... I don't think the Vodafone signal is so good where I live but I can usually connect to the Internet using Explorer or Opera, but I can't seem to make MSN connect. I was in the city centre today where the signal should be strong but MSN still would not connect. It does not give an error message, just that I might be in an "area with bad reception". If I use WiFi at home, I still cannot connect MSN using WiFi I am not sure where to begin to diagnose the problem with MSN. I will start searching now........ but any advice is appreciated... I have seen a MSN Cab around, and wonder whether to unistall MSN that came with my TyTn II soft reset, then install the newer one. That file is called WLM Build 1400 A second problem is that I use the TyTn II sometimes to connect to my home WiFi with no problem but I cannot connect in the university library. It picks up the networks etc, and I add my user name and password, But no luck... The university support staff are often reluctant to support different devices. I wonder if 'certificates' are needed but I was told that the university does not use them. I was also told to download to my PC then to the Tytn II, certchk.exe because if cancels the need for certificates. I think certchk.exe is not available for Mobile Windows 5 and 6..... The final thing I can't solve, is that I use Microsoft ActiveSynch with Outlook2007 on the PC. Outlook 2007 itself is synchronised with the Exchange Server, and I would like to synch directly to the exchange server. I can see how to do that... but I get this error / support code - 80072ee2 I have searched about the code but not found a solution yet. I was hoping to find a way to synch with the Exchange Server using, 1. my PC via a cable, 2. my PC via WiFi, 3. via GPRS when I am out and about, 4. via WiFi when I am out and about. Should I be able to achieve all of these? Any help appreciated! Ofiaich
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