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  1. Hello Rapid.... Thanks for your superb roms.... this serve almost I need, Thai, speed.... excellent
  2. where are you guy? I still hope to get the latest build with multilanguage support Sense ROM :lol:
  3. more info : while I go to device vesion : the CSC also not show, that why I can say it not sync, my Thai keyboard is not display, though as I installed SPB keyboard as addition, why I type, it show as a box with ?
  4. Hello Shadowangel, I again flash back to your previous one EN_21914_2018 which I can use Thai on sense without any setting, to see the setting, I found that at the registry HKCU>MUI>CurLang show 1033 (0X000409) English by default, at Sense>Setting>Local & Text>Regional was selected the same as Thai 21914 display Thai font correctly but the 23134 not, may be others that more than the multilanguage files missing out as you mentioned ,though as I put them back into 23134 in difference ways it still not show. so I decided to stay with your 21914 until to the new great work of you (next built or JH) come , then I will move to.. thanks for your your work anyway :huh: Best regard,
  5. let me share, I once experience this, I fixed it by go to alarm and reselect the alarm sound again then it works.
  6. unfortunately, I didn't see any error show up, everything still running same before and after changing. still no Thai at sense. may be I can wait for your new work that please kindly integrate multi lang into, please :huh:
  7. it seems nothing change after change MUI\CurLang + reset, I try to change back and forth but nothing happen by the way, your rom is running in appreciated speed, I like this soooo much, my language display is only one thing I stuck at the moment.
  8. thanks a lot Shadow for ROM file and instruction, but it still not work for me, 1st I extract manila language file and copy all to window folder 2nd I change reg to 1054 3rd I copy all renamed fix file to window folder last do soft reset still not work everything still in square at sense
  9. the solution in page 1 is not work for me to make Sense show Thai, I did change reg to 1054 (041E) for Thai then also loaded rename xxx fix file to 041E into window folder but no luck happen to me
  10. Dear Shadowangel, I can't really use Thai language on my omnia with 23133 and 23134 rom, I didn't change my CSC part, only square box that I had, I have to again went back to your 21914 T-T
  11. the rom run in better speed :huh:, thanks for your work, but I have 3 major problems 1. Sense not display Thai language though to try to method in 1st page, (all previous of your roms work very well with Thai) 2. Camera no half press for focusing anymore, 3. wake up button, it can wake while press but not sleep. on the time being I decided to back to you previous one.
  12. kydkylin, i just moved to try shadowangel's rom. the problem no Thai is dissappear again, it seems shadow do something with language at some where. just consider what s different?
  13. alarm is really not show even I go to start menu -> alram, for the Thai, .... I experience both problems with the previous rom from you but I dont face with Shadowangel's rom, I'm trying to investigate on what different but I have no idea on that. thanks anyway :D
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