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  1. Dear you sim unlock tool liink is not working . plz upload it again.
  2. Hello Again I Post here Bcoz i Thaught Some Body Will Help Me. But No Body Reply. SO My Problem Was I600 Stuck In Samsung Ultra Messaging Logo After Posted Last Night I Serch Via Internet How To Solve The Problem So I get the Answer. And I do Format I600 Press "0 + 4-way navigation key UP + Power" simultaneously. After the phone prompts for reset, press 1 and then Y. So After Format I600 Phone Work Ok. But I Think It Might be Possible After Some Day May Be Phone Hang or Restart. So Still I Want To Upgrade My Version Via This File i600_arabic.exe When I Power On Phone And Insert Cable Active Sync Detact Phone but When We I Power On Via Boot Mode It Show Me This error So Plz Try to Help Me WBR MSS4Victor I600_Error.bmp
  3. Hello To All Member This is My First Post for Pda Phone You can Say Me NewBie Dear all ; Problem is that I Recived I600i From My Customer. When we Power On Phone. Its Stuck on This Logo Samsung Ulra Messaginn Logo So First i Download the I600 Service Manual after Reding Manual I Downlaod The Active Sync Software. After I Install a Software and Power on Via Boot Mode After that i Plug Cabel My System Detact I600 Windows Mobile and its automatic Install Driver and Show Me This Message Your Hardware Is Ready To Use.When Active Sync In Syncorization After that a New Window Appear From Active Sync And Show Some Like This Active Sync Is Unable to Connect Device Might Me Two Reason 1.Your Phone Not Connect Properly so detach cabel and attach agin and power on phone. 2.your Phone is Not Windows Mobile blah blah............ Can Any Body Tell Me What Should I Do I need Urgent Help WBR MSS4Victor
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