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  1. My main phone number is on an iPhone but I'm liking my Xperia Play so much that I want to move the sim from the iPhone into it. (I'm on O2 UK) Any tips? I guess that it won't be possible to use the wifi allowance but with the correct settings I should be able to keep the data, calls and txt that I have on my old iPhone. At some point I'll move the number to payg on Orange Dolphin (probably) but for now I am happy enough to stay on the O2 contract. Sent from my R800i using Tapatalk
  2. Just to add - got an app called 'Market Enabler' that let me spoof a UK provider and got the BT FON app installed. I would still like to know exactly how Google determine what country your phone 'belongs' to though ... some say it is IP but maybe it's part of the ROM or probably the simplest answer, the SIM card.
  3. I recently upgraded to a Xperia Play (great phone) but decided to upgrade my old San Francisco to Froyo to gain benefits like App2SD support (and for the fun of tinkering with it). All is good with a few minor problems (occasionally the touchscreen will just seem to die after a reboot). However, I have a niggle when trying to install the BT Fon app. I can't see it in the market from my SF but when I go to the web version of the market and check it there I get informed that Now, as it happens I have a Republic of Ireland SIMcard in it at the moment but is it that, or something in the MoDaCo r12 Froyo ROM that is preventing me from installing the BT FON app. i.e. How does Android determine what country your phone belongs to? I'd like to put the app on as I get free connection courtesy of a home BT broadband connection. The app runs great on my Play (UK Orange SIM).
  4. Yeah, I intend to monkey about with the phone some way down the line but for now I just want to know what has gone out of control and is eating the internal memory as even if I free up more space it's only eventually going to get eaten up.
  5. That just tells you how much space the installed app ate up at install time, not what is currently being used by it. I just had the handset give me the low memory space warning again (less than six hours after a restart) and took note before and after reboot - exactly the same result. However, the total 'Internal memory is back to almost 30meg available having been down to 20meg or so. I thought that the 'internal memory' was essentially space for installing programs into, not actual working space? Plnety of RAM space available.
  6. Running the stock 2.1 ROM (but I've removed a load of Orange bloat-ware using a root file explorer) ... When I boot the phone I have approx 30megs free 'Internal Memory' (from 208.12 total) but this steadily drops down to around the 20meg mark whereupon my phone starts giving me 'running low on memory space' warnings every couple of minutes. It can take anything from about half a day to two days after power cycling to reach this condition. This started about a month and a half ago. I've removed everything that I've installed recently, one at a time, but seems to make no difference. Perhaps it's an upgrade to software that I'd installed? Is there any way to trace what could be doing it? (Actual RAM is typically around 60% free at 250meg or so, depending on what I'm running)
  7. Cheers - that did the trick. Strange that I can't set it up from the settings menu but as long as it works ...
  8. Strange one this, touchpal is definitely installed - I can see it from list of installed apps and I can go into 'settings>language & keyboard>TouchPal' to configure it. However, there should be a tickbox beside the various installed keyboards (in this case, just TouchPal and Android keyboard are installed/shown) and you tick one to use as the default keyboard. I don't have that and the keyboard is defaulting to the standard Android one for any given app. (It's running the standard 2.1 ROM but I have rooted it and removed a couple of the installed Orange apps. Nothing related to keyboards though).
  9. Yeah, I had problems originally as the £12 advertised didn't even track. I submitted a request to chase it up with Quidco (you have to wait quite a few weeks before they take action, in case the vendor is just slow) but it finally listed as tracking and has since verified. This is something that puts me off the cashback sites when it comes to buy expensive things - things sometimes don't track or they do track and then get rejected, seemingly at random. Not too much of a deal for around a tenner but if I was making a decision to buy something pricey based on a large amount of cashback making it better value than the competition (e.g. home insurance policy which can pay over a hundred quid back sometimes) I wouldn't be impressed if it didn't track/validate after I chose it.
  10. Could be that the phone is contantly sycing something. When I first got mine I noticed that often the back would get warm and the phone battery would run down really fast. Then I noticed that the sync icon was constantly present. I used a task killer to kill off things that looked like they might sync data - like the Google calendar, orange backups, orange headlines etc and all was well. I do this every time I reboot the phone and no reoccurrence of the problems. Not sure what the exact problem app was but I strongly suspect Google calendar sync.
  11. Yeah, I've got it installed and it sometimes catches the calendar but what I need to know is that I can put my phone on my bedside table at night and set the alarm and it won't just go nuts and discharge leaving me to sleep in, or do likewise during the day potentially leaving me with no phone. I also don't want to be woken at all hours of the night as it catches the occasional app briefly exceeding a threshold.
  12. I'm pretty much 100% certain that my battery issues were due to the phone constantly syncing and hence never really sleeping when I hit the power button. You can tell by the sync icon on the top bar constantly indicating. Seems to be an issue on quite a few Android handsets (likely a purely OS issue) and related to Google Calendar. If you google around you can find recommendations like clearing the cache for the app, which seems to have worked for me as I haven't had the problem since then. Battery life now seems pretty decent - certainly a full day's usage with smartphone tasks or probably 2-3 days with light use. However, it is worrying to think that it could kick in again and send my phone flat in a few hours. There doesn't seem to be a definitive statement/solution from Google about the issue.
  13. I'm not too sure what's happening but sometimes my SF quite happily 'wakes' (into the sliding unlock screen) when I push one of the three front buttons, even when the screen has been off for ages. Other times, I must press the 'power' button on top to get to the unlock screen. I think it might be linked to the data sync function - sometimes the sync icon is always on at the top of the screen - maybe something requiring sync is constantly running and preventing the phone from going into full 'sleep' mode when I hit power and just turning off the screen? Of late, the syncing icon only comes on when an app is actually syncing some data and that seems to coincide with the need to press the power button to wake the phone. Also, that might explain some of the getting warm/rapid power drain issues that have affected me intermittently.
  14. I've got both. The iPhone (my current main phone) is smoother but I like the openness and higher res screen of the SF. Once I've checked it out for a month - using up the Orange credit - then based upon my so-far mostly favourable impressions I'll probably SIM-unlock it and swap my o2 SIM in from the 3G. Not sure if I'll be able to keep the Openzone/Cloud WiFi access though :-/ However, if you like a more polished, slick, experience then the 3G is probably better for you and I'm speaking as someone with iOS 3.x on mine.
  15. 4 hrs 18 min uptime and 79% battery remaining - the last time it ran down to <25% in just under 4 hrs. Time to start hunting the rogue app. I guess that's one drawback of an open platform where it's easy for anyone to knock out an app with few restrictions.
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