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  1. Have you tried TapeMachine Lite 1.7.1 All recordings go to SD card. r Andrew
  2. Volume level is poor and the loudspeaker can't handle high levels say when using Poweramp without distortion. Sat Nav voice in the car is barely audible. Have contacted HTC support but they were not very helpful. The speaker problem is my only gripe with this great phone. r Andrew
  3. Hi Use HD Tweak to disable. http://montecristoff.webs.com/hdtweak.htm r Andrew
  4. No problems with my original Orange rom. r Andrew
  5. I use Spb Wireless monitor - you can customize all connections and period reports. r Andrew
  6. Nick What provider/rom do you have ? My orange original has this - or you can use HD Tweaks http://montecristoff.webs.com/ and If you can access Opera you can clear the cache from the settings menu. r Andrew
  7. To disable AGPS.. Start/Settings/System/AGPS icon should be there. r Andrew
  8. See here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=475065 r Andrew
  9. Not too bad at all. You only receive through the left earpiece and the mike is embedded in the right. I do not use in the car but at home fine when I have music on. r Andrew
  10. Does all of that with the TF3D player. Works also with videos,handsfree,Coreplayer,Voice Recorder etc. Control buttons are easy to confuse at first but fine once mastered. r Andrew
  11. Yes I bought the S9's and have had no problems with them. r Andrew
  12. Here are the pics of the Brodit. r Andrew
  13. Do mention that when you need data you use a competitors sim - as you find Orange data plans too expensive/confusing - worked for me. Good luck. r Andrew
  14. Store them in the Windows root directory as wav files. r Andrew
  15. I went for the Brodit passive holder tilt swivel. I also had mount problems and did not want to use the 4 screws on my wooden facia ! Could have bought the proclip but at £19.99 decided against. My solution was a 40mm circular velcro pad - very solid. Done 400 odd miles so far no problems. Good thing about the Brodit is the fit with the HD - it slides in beautifully - no scratching and works fine in portrait or landscape mode. All functions of the phone are accessible and stylus/usb port. r Andrew
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