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  1. Well as an iPhone owner who used to love windows mobile these I what I would love to see in the new Windows Mobile 7 Being able to just use your phone with a standard usb cable (USB Drive, File Transfer - soooo easy on Winmo!) Constant updates from one source (eg Microsoft providing a website with all the updates as and when they are released for the phones - or poss HTC taking this one over as the device manufacturer.) This would make things alot easier for new Windows Mobile users and would mean rather than Orange have updated their latest HTC device ROM but Vodafone and Tmobile are still waiting for the update. Would just make things easier. Office Compatibility - Sooo easy to use! Documents on the go, priceless!
  2. This would be great as alot of the games for iphone have various achievement networks for certain games, there is no standard. Xbox live games on a mobile phone would be excellent. Theres no reason for games especially xbox live games (either adapted to touch screens or phones with dpads on them) to be available on a decent spec mobile phone / pocket pc. Its got to happen soon and at the moment the iPhone is running away with it all but if MS could whip this outta the bag and create a quality, zune hd like handset with alot of the xbox live facilities, streaming movies, showing your status on live, emailing contacting xbox live contacts and also playing games either single or multiplayer with friends that would be great. MS has some catching up to do but has some possible ace cards up their sleeves, will they play them and in time? Only time will tell! :) Hope so! ;)
  3. Oh dear what have the point UI guys done? This looks seriously horrible and ugly!
  4. Also be interesting to see what data plans Orange come up with. So far they have been in a distant last place with regards to data packages. Will there be an iPhone data bundle, im pretty sure there will. But how much will it be? 250mb??? That would be laughable! It can only be a good thing having orange selling the iPhone. O2 will have to perform well to keep there existing customers. Now people can just say, see ya later, off to Orange! Or vodafone according to this story! Vodafone to sell the iPhone in UK That's going to be very interesting! Eyes a peeled for this one! :)
  5. DELETED POST The deals run from 11a.m. until 4p.m.
  6. Thats just what i thought, wow that looks slllllllooooooooow to respond! Can see why your looking at other OS's now!
  7. As far as i understand if you pay to leave early they should give you a PAC code and you should be able to port your number. I dont see why they wouldnt let you port your number across to another network, after all you dont owe any money on the contract as you have just paid it off to leave early. Good luck!
  8. Well the network was working, albeit patchy with my phone still saying no network every now and then from about 3 oclock yesterday afternoon. Seems ok now.
  9. Im in Peterborough. I thought it was just me but apparently the woman at t-mobile said that alot of people have been calling in and that they have no idea when it will be fixed! I thought it was my iPhone playing up, obviously being on tmobile not o2, i thought that the sim card unlocker was playing up or faulty but apparently not the case. Tried in my old Diamond and still the same. Be interesting to see who else is affected.
  10. At about 9.05 this morning (20/11/08) my phone stopped sending text messages and proceeded to display no service. Tried my sim in a number of phones and still the same thing. Called up t-mobiles customer service no: 0845 412 5000 and then said that the network had indeed been down since about 9 oclock today and that they are working on it as we speak. I asked how long and they didnt have a time when it would be fixed. This according to the Customer Services Representative affects the South of the UK. Im in East Anglia so it looks like its the whole bottom part of the UK thats being affected. Anyone else getting any problems? Also post any new findings info in this thread. Cheers Tom
  11. Know what you mean. I think if the G1 wasnt so damn ugly and if they ditched the keyboard and made the device nicer looking, touch HD style, then that would grab peoples attention! CURRENT DEVICE: HTC Touch Diamond - Not bored of it, but bored of Windows Mobile now. Been using Windows Mobile devices since the Original SPV days, had so many devices and nothings really changed. So after seeing my mates iPhone 3G was tempted into having a go with a second hand iPhone 3G 16gb Black off ebay. Arrived today. So will see how that goes NEXT DEVICE: Will stick it out with the iPhone 3G for the moment, but think i could be tempted by Win mobile 7, or poss the HTC Touch HD as that looks great but until the Win Mobile interface gets a complete "finger friendly" overhaul im not gonna bother.
  12. Spot on there! Innovate don't imitate! Windows Mobile owners always want the latest technology and now! Stuff that certain other manufacturers add to their phones now and claim to be the first to do it, when windows mobile phones have done it for years. Be interesting to see the interface they use on the phone.
  13. Check out here for alot of information on flashing your Diamond, what you need to do and when http://www.modmydiamond.info also http://www.xda-developers.com have loads of info bout the Diamond, new Roms, cooked roms, etc. so thats another good place to try. Good luck! :D
  14. I love my Diamond to. I have owned the majority of Windows Mobile phones from HTC, Samsung and even Motorolla and I have to say that the Diamond is the best out the lot. I always charge my phone every day so to be honest I dont notice any difference with the other phones ive owned. I screen is pure delight! Its loverly! Gotta be the best screen quality ive seen on a mobile (and yes ive used other phones to and in my opinion there iscreen isnt as good, hehe) Happy with the size of looks of the phone, its great, and being able to tweak it here and there is great to. Who cares if we havent got an Apple Store! hehe! I would rather download for free anyway :D Big up the Diamond! :D
  15. Heres a couple more photos taken at lunch time today with the back plastic cover off, what lovely weather! :D
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