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  1. SeaneyC

    Can we have an Motorola Atrix Section?

    Yup, got my Atrix on T-Mob UK this morning, currently have iPad 2 and iPhone 4 waiting to see what IOS5 has in store and may get EEEpad transformer and get rid of the Apple gear. Any good places for instructions on upgrading the ROM? I've tried the usual places and they only mention AT&T and Bell variants, not the Euro ones. Did anyone just proceed with the AT&T instructions?
  2. SeaneyC

    Motorola Atrix......

    Yup just got mine on T-mobile today, will go home and try to break it later. All the info I can find regarding modding concerns Bell and AT&T variants, anyone know how this relates to the Orange and T-Mobile variants? (IE, should I follow instructions for AT&T, Bell, or give everything a wide berth for now?)
  3. I haven't posted here for ages, but I agree! The grey looks terrible - Definately much prefer black, i think the matt black finish on my Touch Dual would suit it a lot better. Still, review seems on the whole positive, although i'm desperate to see how the software "feels" on the device. Whilst i love my touch dual, it could do with a bit of a kick up the bum on the speed front, although i'm not sure if this is to do with the OS as a whole running slowly, or the poor display drivers - I suspect the latter. Glad i went for that 12 month T-Mob contract now, any news on who's going to be carrying this in the UK when it comes out?
  4. I concur, i've been waiting for a killer device from HTC for ages now, and they keep missing the bar, yet they're obviously able to make one, and then give it to Sony Ericsson! If the Xperia is as good as its specs lead us to believe, future HTC phones will really have to get good to even be considered, let alone purchased. What's going on! I think that secretly they have a team of people who dream up spec sheets, then remove a couple of features, then hand it to the design team.
  5. Is 64mb of ram likely to be a massive problem with a VGA screen? (i don't know how these things interract on these devices)
  6. SeaneyC

    LG KS20 coming to Orange?

    If only it had a keyboard it would definately be on my hitlist, i've spent the last 2 years living with an 8800 and 8800 sirocco so have developed suitable paw print avoidance techniques!
  7. Please tell me this phone is noticeably faster than the S710 and it will be a definate sale for me, GPS or no GPS! And i would also like to know about the slingbox usage. Yes there is a smartphone player, think there's a trial on the slingbox site.
  8. SeaneyC

    No imei-check Kaiser unlock (or Florin_m vs pof)

    Or you could just vote yes like myself because unlike the self satisfying "fair and balanced" news reporting allegations be spouted by M.S. (which are of course complete nonsense. Who are you, Fox News? Fair and balanced? Haha!) you could just realise that sometimes stuff gets reported as it happens and you have to wait for the story to unfold. Its not like Paul posted the story damning everyone to hell, apart from IMEI-check. Paul posted the news as it came in. Then he posted the responses as he got them. POF even apologised for the delay in his reply. Get a grip. And exactly which part of "no imei-check Kaiser unlock" can anyone tell me was not accurate. Or indeed fair. However fair reporting the basic fact that they will not be releasing an unlock can be, regardless of the reasons why. If the headline was "No imei-check Kaiser unlock due to blatent IP theft and legal case pending" then i can see where you're coming from. But it wasn't.
  9. SeaneyC

    Vario 2 Bluetooth useless!

    If you're only sending a few files now and again between 2 devices i don't really understand the need to pair them? When sending files to my mates i just select them in file explorer then beam and wait for their device to come up and then select. Easy!
  10. oh yeh, the guy in store didn't know how to add it with w&w pro, as it wasn't on his tariff screen!
  11. woohoo replying using my vario 2 picked up from poole store. bournemouth had 20 but all reserved.
  12. Mods, feel free to move this topic, i couldn't really think of where to post this. Hi guys - My employer currently uses iPaqs for use in the field for a piece of software that we run to perform our quality audits, and automatically compile reports etc... The newer iPaq units with WM5 don't work properly with this older software, and we were looking for some older 2003 devices (like the 2210 which is the older unit that we run). Basically I was wanting to pick on your collective knowledge to see if anyone knew of a shop or site where we could buy a small quantity (Maybe 5 or 10) of older but preferably new or refurbished units like the h2210. Thanks in advance for your help! Sean
  13. SeaneyC

    F1 challenge

    Brilliant! 12.44 is my best ;) Edit: wooo 11.839 must keep playing....
  14. 3 or 4 pole adapters are exactly the same length if the build is correct (certainly the adapter i got off ebay was), the only pole that gets missed out is the mic input, so no danger of "shorting" out any current in the phone, in fact, it's probably quite good to keep the mic input pulled down to ground when not in use anyway! Gold plating is a bit of a funny one too, and makes next to no difference for contact quality, HOWEVER does have the benefit of preventing contact corrosion over time, which can only be a good thing ;) The adapter i got was just like the one celica posted from a guy in maidenhead on ebay - Only cost about £3.50 i think too.
  15. Sorry Paul - Alexa = NO WAY!

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