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  1. Does that mean none of the standard Microsoft apps for MMS/SMS/internet/bt/wifi, etc are compatible with the Samsung hardware? I can understand the camera. I'm used to old HTC WinMo phones where camera app was the only thing not stock (before HTC Sense).
  2. Which ROM has no, or very few, Samsung customizations? I currently have the stock ROM and turned off the TouchUI, but it still has Samsung custom apps for many things. I would like a ROM that is as close to stock Microsoft as possible. Any recommendations?
  3. I never found a solution. I've been meaning to resell it, but never got around to it. If you find a solution, please respond to this thread with what that might be.
  4. I have exactly the same problem and even tried upgrading to the UK WM6 with no change. Did you ever find a solution? Or did you sell your bad phone on eBay and I happened to buy it? :D
  5. Does anyone know a way to unhide the extended ROM to be able to access the CAB files within? I tried the registry hacks for several HTC PPCs, but their registry has different keys that don't apply to the Blackjack. Or is there any way to extract them from the .exe firmware update file that you can get from the AT&T site?

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