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  1. Beer? Black Domina ;) I think I'm going to have to flash a full MST to my i8000 to freshen it up before the next Android release. Without us going too off-topic, does anyone have a recommendation for such a thing? (I'd like nice clean WinMo - as an example, the last time I flashed it was with twu2's NXXJE1 Lite 6.5.3 - still running well, but I need to reflash with full MST to return MyStorage to what it should be - at the moment it's full of messy partitions and junk.) Thanks (again!) to the devs for their hard work... //R
  2. I used Google Translate to get to the post with the link: HERE - but there's a 404 when I click it; I can't imagine a 404 would be displayed if it's just hidden from guests? To have a look at the page in Google Translate (you can choose your language at the top of the screen): CLICK Rob.
  3. OK, another little update. Last post I described the boot-ups during setup of my most recent installation. On the fourth-boot everything seemed to be running fine. It ran for just around/over 24 hours; I fell asleep with it on charge last night, and woke-up to the sound of the Windows Mobile alarm - so Android must've rebooted at some point. I booted up again, but Android crashed when I unlocked it. Next time I had sleep of death. After that it ran OK for a little while; but now sleep of death is definitely back. I can't reinstall again until I'm back from work, but I will, and maybe will have a go with the CPU libs above ^^^ Maybe behaviour will change... Rob. EDIT: Has anyone got any ideas about using flash-optimised filesystem? (Do we know if our kernel supports any?) Perhaps there is a way to build a YAFFS(2) image or something like that?
  4. I checked my file system (via Ubuntu) and there were no errors found; so I decided to just reinstall.. OK, after formatting my Android partition and extracting the files again, here is my sequence of boot-ups and the results: 1st boot - (Charger Connected) Android did its initial setup stuff and got the GUI. It displayed the lock-screen but had frozen; I had to remove the battery. 2nd boot - (Charger Connected) Android started with no problem, I unlocked the screen, waited for a few seconds then did a normal shut-down. 3rd boot - (Charger NOT Connected) Android started normally, I changed some settings (applied different wallpaper, changed LauncherPro dock appearance, deleted some shortcuts from home screen); then let the device go to sleep. I left it for about a minute to ensure it had gone to sleep (and not just screen-blank). As before, the lock button did nothing, but one press of the end-call button woke the phone within a second or so. I performed a normal shutdown. 4th boot - (Charger NOT Connected) Android again started normally, I was able to unlock the screen; I waited for sleep and left it alone for ~1 minute. Again the device unlocked fine using the end-call button. It would appear that sleep-of-death is pretty much gone, but if something happens to your install later (crashes/'dirty' reboots), it could come back. I'm going to continue playing with it... Rob.
  5. Download APN OnOff Widget (by Curvefish) from the Market. Add to your home screen and you can turn data connection on and off with a single tap. Rob.
  6. Thanks for the reply - I might give it a try via Ubuntu because at the moment it seems I've nothing to lose - I haven't played with a terminal emulator on Android yet; maybe there's enough back-end stuff available to figure out which point we need to address with fsck locally. If doing fsck doesn't give me any miracle results; I'll be doing a reinstall. Once it's up-and-running well, and I can confirm free of sleep-of-death, I'll give it a shutdown (normal, with the button) and reboot to see if behaviour changes with a 'clean' reboot. Oh, and just a random question; is there any way for us to format YAFFS or some other flash optimised file system? I imagine support for other file systems hasn't been stripped-out of our kernel? Maybe some of the weird fs stuff people have seen is because we're using a desktop journalling system with very small block sizes? I dunno, just thinking aloud... Rob.
  7. It's strange; on my last install, Android settled down at the third boot. At that time I didn't have any charger connected; Android was working well with no sleep of death (end-call button to wake, worked every time); but after about 24 hours working there was a freeze while I was typing a URL into the browser; I had to pull the battery out. Now if it's running on battery power (so it goes to 'proper' sleep), it will never wake up. ...But I'm enjoying it enough to reinstall every 24hrs or so at this stage of beta, so it's OK really I guess; but it is interesting/a little frustrating... Rob. EDIT: I don't notice any new warnings at shell, can I run fscheck locally (or perhaps via Ubuntu) to check the file system? I was sure I saw it mentioned on this thread but I can't spot it now (sorry!)
  8. I recommend that if you are having sleep-of-death issues, a reinstall might be worth a try. I can't recommend a 'perfect' method because I've had wildly mixed results from the same method; but I have had a decent amount of success, which brings me neatly around to... Another (little) update So, after an install run which had a couple of glitches, I reported my latest install was running pretty much perfectly as far as the beta2 specs go.. It got to about 24 hours installed and running tonight (zero downtime); and when I was entering a URL into the Browser it froze; I gave it plenty of time after pressing the home or end-call/lock (etc.) buttons but it didn't respond so I had to pull the battery. Since then Android still boots just fine - from what I can see there's nothing new (warnings/notifications) in the shell portion of boot, and it gets to the GUI/window manager part of Android just as quickly as it did, and with no problems. The phone quickly gets the network and starts an APN session; WiFi is also still operational - basically it feels just the same, until the first time it goes to sleep - before the crash it would wake up within 1-2 seconds of a single press on the end-call button; now nothing unfortunately. I guess I'll reinstall again, because I'm getting pretty hooked on Android; I'll post (brief) updates of anything new I discover; and hope that perhaps my account of recent experience is in some way useful to others/the dev team... Thanks again all! Regards, Rob.
  9. I tried to keep the method description accurate but brief (I omitted commands etc.); but it was kinda crucial to the post's main point - which was to illustrate that it's possible to be very careful with your install sequence, but you might still get wildly different results if you do exactly the same procedure more than once. You're right that my sequence doesn't use the 'latest' possible package; but the latest is still only a repack of things I used, and if I'm describing how I got it working, it's better to record the steps I took rather than the steps I might've taken? All the best, Rob.
  10. My Windows Explorer shows it as 1,571KB (1.53MB). Regards, Rob.
  11. OK folks, another update... A wobbly start but great results... I reinstalled beta2 again - to My Storage, with the same method as I'd used previously (once successfully (until a crash after 8hrs), and once with lots of problems (crashes, sleep-of-death, missing sounds). Here's an outline of the steps I took: Phone (in WinMo, USB Mass Storage mode for My Storage) connected to PC. Delete previously used EXT3 partition (EASEUS Partition Manager (I prefer Acronis Disk Director but it's not free)), create a new one in its place (primary type, label 'disk', EXT3 fs). Now I have three partitions on My Storage - First, FAT32 (primary, label 'MyStorage'), next EXT3 (also primary, label 'disk'), finally 512MB hidden FAT32 Windows Mobile hard-reset recovery partition. Copy haret.exe, default.txt andext2.tar.gz from a beta1 package to 'My Storage'. Put o2b2filesys.tar.gz from beta2 package there too. I renamed nOObody's 2D/3D file from o2update.tar.gz to 2d3dlibs.tar.gz (because I don't need automatic update) and copied it to 'My Storage' - I renamed voyteckst's update to beta2up1.tar.gz and copied it to 'My Storage' too. Next I start Ubuntu inside VMWare Player, and connect the phone to the linux (virtual) machine. Close the 'explorer' windows when they pop up. Start a terminal. I went in the same sequence as above (start with the old beta files, anything changed will then be overwritten by new beta etc.); and copied each file from /media/MYSTORAGE to /media/disk, extracted it, then copied the next, extracted, etc.. Once complete, I edited the default.txt in /media/MYSTORAGE (open from the Ubuntu desktop and double-click the file), changed dev/mmcblk1p2 to dev/mmcblk0p1 - save and exit. Because I'm paranoid, I left the phone connected to Ubuntu 'idle' for a minute, then disconncted. Boot Android with haret.exe... This time I had some problems during setup - first boot, Android crashed at the lock-screen (battery pulled to recover); next boot, 'out of box' setup got stuck in a 'force close' loop (shutdown normally with long press of lock button); next boot was fine - I let it settle for a minute then shut-down and booted again. GSM/3G Data working, WiFi working, Market/Browser working/able to communicate reliably. Several apps (as before) installed (including some which use data and clock (tweetdeck and alarm clock plus)), running well. Enjoying music from StreamFurious and Zimly player. I do have the phone call 'gremlin' - but have installed the Call Light app workaround (I think I probably had this issue last time, but was using wired headset and it seems headset doesn't cut-out like the earpiece does). I have not had any sleep-of-death this time. Like others have reported, I find that only the 'end call' button will wake the phone when it is running on battery power. It generally responds to the first press, perhaps taking a second or two to wake to the lock-screen (sometimes with a quick glimpse of the shell first). The only exception to this is if I'm playing media with Zimly (maybe StreamFurious too), and the lock button seems to wake the screen also. If I'm plugged-in to the charger, either button responds quickly (presumably because both playing music and connecting charger will mean CPU doesn't sleep so deeply). Battery meter goes to 100% but seems to come down quickly, I think Android is using a bit more battery power than WinMo; but also that the readout falls a bit too quickly, because if I reboot to WinMo, it shows a pretty significant amount more charge. So, at the moment I have no major problems at all - just the one or two known beta 'gremlins'. My advice to anyone who has just done an install and it's got more problems than you expect, and you've checked-and-double-checked your steps, just try the instal again - it might just work better next time. Again, thanks to the devs, and everyone getting involved here, for all their hard work... Rob.
  12. I've had some very mixed results on a few reinstalls of beta2; but have shared a lot of Sinistersky's experiences (previous page). I posted about my experiences with my first fresh beta2 My Storage install; which were mixed - some things improved, others not so much; so I decided to do a reinstall, playing with different methods. I cleared the partitions on My Storage and recreated FAT32 & EXT (tried both 2 & 3); I always processed the archives in Ubuntu; I tried extracting the o2b2filesys from the FAT32 partition (where they're initially placed) to the EXT partition, I tried copying them to the EXT before extract; I was using the fresh beta2 filesystem and nOObody's 2D/3D libs. I tried with and without the update to beta2 (3G & dalvikvm). I had quite a few problems with different methods - hangs at the shell, at android splash, in apps, sleep-of-death, and lost sounds; but there was no regular pattern - sometimes installing with one method would be mostly OK but with some issues; then reinstalling with EXACTLY the same method, I found different issues. The last install I did yesterday was the most interesting - at first boot, Android restarted just before the splash screen (2D/3D libs were in place); on the next boot it got into Android but the 'out-of-box' setup got stuck in a 'force close' loop. I was able to shut down normally. On the third boot, everything seemed to be working well. I had working GSM/3G Data, WiFi too. Market was fine, apps installing OK. I installed a few apps (not too many - Advanced Task Killer, TweetDeck, Fancy Widget, APN OnOff Widget, WiFi OnOff Widget, ECB Cricket, Zimly, Stream Furious, IATA/ICAO Dictionary). Everything ran well; the IATA/ICAO app was able to create its database while I used tweetdeck etc; I listed to lots of music with Zimly. Charge would go up to 100% but drop too quickly (Android might show 20%, but if I reboot to WinMo there is a lot more); but on the whole there was no problem. Phone calls were fine (no earpiece cut-out), and although slow (a couple of presses and a few seconds' wait (sometimes with a quick glimpse of the shell before lock-screen showed)), but it would always wake up. Ringtones/Notifications were working. After more than 8 hours, there was a hang (while the device was awake/I was using it); I had to remove the battery. After that the installation became unstable (hangs while awake and also sleep-of-death); so I decided to reinstall. I reinstalled with EXACTLY the same method, but this time there were no hangs/reboots, and Android booted first time - I completed 'out of box' setup with no problem, shut down and booted Android again. 3G/WiFi are working, but sleep/wake doesn't seem as stable, and all the Ringtones/Notifications are missing (but if I look with Android File Manager, I can see (and play) the files). It's very strange that results can be so different, without changing the method at all. I'm reinstalling again now; will report any findings... Rob.
  13. Thanks for the feedback - I'll edit my post... Cheers, Rob.
  14. Apologies for separate post, but this has nothing to do with the guide (/suggestion) above; so I thought splitting posts would probably be better - I promise I'll be more brief! :P I've just done a clean install with the Beta 2 files to an EXT3 partition on My Storage. Things I've noticed: 1) First boot was perfect. Straight into Android with no problems at all. 2) I was able to set-up APN, and I got a notification icon to show G, E & 3G and occassional activity (btw, will we ever see HSDPA, or will it only ever show 3G? (just curious)). 3) I was able to configure WiFi with no problem either. 4) Set-up Google account, contacts synchronised via WiFi - no problem. 5) Able to install apps from Market over WiFi. 6) WiFi signal strength didn't seem to work until after a reboot. 7) Browser, Market, TweetDeck aren't able to make connections over GSM/3G data. (OK on WiFi) 8) Android doesn't see any system sounds/tones (I watched the ogg files extract OK in Ubuntu, but Android doesn't see them). 9) I have not had sleep-of-death yet; but it is slow to wake up - needs a few button presses and will wake ~5 seconds later. It's immediate if the charger is plugged-in. 10) I have problems in calls again, earpiece goes dead after a minute or two, can wake and enable speakerphone, but if I let the screen go to sleep that will cut out too, so I have to wake again, turn speaker off then on to get the call back. 11) At shutdown, it seems to unmount the SD card first (there's a little 'wait' message and you can see the notification in the background) where it didn't before, which I imagine can only be a good thing. I've had some of the issues in the past, and a reinstall has cleared them; so I'm going to try that - and maybe on an ext2 just to see if there's any discernable difference. If I discover anything useful I will report back... Thanks everyone for your hard work, Rob.
  15. I HAVE NOT TESTED THIS - I EXPECT IT WILL WORK, AND DON'T SEE ANY POSSIBLE PROBLEM, BUT AS ALWAYS, TEST AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION For folks who can't or don't want to do an Ubuntu install... To do an 'easy' install to SD using the NEW BETA2 files... 1) Open a BETA1 package. 2) Put the o2beta folder, haret.exe and default.txt in the root of your 'My Storage' 3) Open the BETA2 package. 4) Put the zImage and o2b2filesys.tar.gz in the root of your 'My Storage' 5) Rename o2b2filesys.tar.gz to ext2.tar.gz (this is so the 'old' installer will be able to extract the file for you) [EDIT: Thanks to ult_nrg for testing/feedback, here are confirmed steps for 2D/3D Library install] 6) Download a 2D/3D Library package (these are linked in the thread, I'm using a package by nOObody, recommended by Rapid81) [i will add a link when I go back through the thread] 7) Rename the o2update.tar.gz file to o2b2update.tar.gz (for new auto-update routine) and put it in the root of your 'My Storage' 8) (Where necessary) Clear (on PC), and Format your SD card in the WinMo Samsung Settings 9) Run \My Storage\o2beta\haret.exe 9a) -= haret.exe will boot a linux shell on your device and set-up the partitions on the SD card, wait for device to reboot=- 10) Run \MyStorage\haret.exe 10a) -= haret.exe will boot Android from your SD card and set-up routine will run, wait for Android to start=- My advice once you've booted for the first time is let the device 'settle down' for maybe a minute (try to keep the screen awake (tap occassionally) just in case), then shut it down and boot again before changing settings/installing apps etc. In theory it shouldn't make a difference, but I (and some others) have found it seems to help. Good luck! Rob.
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