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  1. OK, another update after ~25.5 hours. I plugged the phone in to the usb cable last night to transfer some files, this charged it by approx 8% which you can see on the graph, the battery is currently at 68%, so if you take this 8% off that takes it to 60% remaining after 25.5 hours, so at the moment I'm on course for well over 48 hours run time.
  2. here you go, I unplugged this morning just before 0800, its now 16:40, and its used 18%. That should pan out to about ~40 hours total run time, but I'll take another shot when I get there. This is as per my original post, I've made a few calls, checked some emails (email is set to push), checked the market for updates, weather/stocks update every 3 hours etc, fire up juiceplotter a few times. It also running current widget and logging the current drain to a file every 10 minutes. Just for the record, it seems to use 2ma on standby, and 175ma when playing angry birds.
  3. I know someone with a t mobile DHD, and their battery is also terrible. They have now reflashed it with the stock htc rom, and its much better.
  4. Is this update worth installing? Any noticable improvement in any areas? I've read on xda devs about wifi not working properley after installing this, can anyone confirm whether this is a problem or not. There so much stuff on xda devs that you get lost with whether something is working or not.
  5. I just got my desire HD a couple of days ago, and I think the battery life is excellent, its as least as good as my old hero if not slightly better. Its lasting a good 36-48 hours. I have it configured as follows:- - everything default, except for:- - Bluetooth on - wifi on - gps on - exchange mail account configured for push mail syncing calendar,contacts and mail - no twitter/facebook etc - weather and stocks updating every 3 hours I was concerned that the battery might be terrible from reading the reviews, but I'm really pleasantly surprised.
  6. Does anyone know how to disable the notification for new emails on windows mobile 6.0 ppc pro. I mean the one that pops up on the 'home/today' screen when a new email arrives and turns the left soft button into a notification button. I've gone into sounds & notifications in settings and unchecked "display message on screen" for new emails, but it still displays the message on screen. I've restarted the device, but it still displays the notification. Is this a bug? or is there another way I should be doing it. This is on a samsung i780 if it makes any difference.
  7. thanks for that info, I will try that software. It might be worth you calling samsung to describe your problem, because when I spoke to them they said I was the only person reporting this issue.
  8. ok, I've been on to Samsung and orange, they say its a problem with the hands free car kit , and that they cant/wont do anything about it. They say its up to the hands free manufacturer to make their hands free compatible with the phone rather than the other way round. So, looks like I'll be sending this one back to orange, shame as it looked a reasonable device, although the lack of a hardware scroll button was also a major issue. Just out of interest if anyone else has this problem, my car is a 2007 audi a3 with the built in bluetooth connectivity.
  9. I have the same problem, the phone will be going back if this cant be fixed within the 7 day trial period that I have with orange.
  10. Hi , Just got my i780 on orange, and it seems generally ok, but today on my way to work I discovered a potential major flaw (at least I think it is). When its hooked up to my handsfree via bluetooth the LCD stays switched on and fully lit up, which absolutely hammers the battery. If its not connected to my handsfree, then the lcd and backlight behaves as its supposed to and switches off after 1 minute. Do I have something mis configured or is this a bug?
  11. Cheers, looks like good software, will try it later, but its ok, I've fixed it, I had to uncheck the OBEX authentication option in the bluetooth security settings on the phone. I have no idea what this does, but it completely fixed the problem. Have I opened myself up to a security issue?
  12. Just got my E650, all looks good, except it wont work correctly with my parrot ck3100 bluetooth handsfree car kit. It pairs succesfully, but then the parrot just displays 'call' and opens the line, ie it mutes the car stereo as if theres a call come in. It worked perfectly with my previous M600, is there a solution to this? if not I'll probably have to send the phone back. Cheers
  13. Does anyone know how many bytes MSN messenger transmits/receives per minute when you leave it signed in, but not having a conversation. Just trying to work out what it will cost in GPRS charges to leave messenger connected all day.
  14. Is there anyway to lock an app into memory so that it isnt automatically unloaded when the phone is low on memory. I'm thinking specifically of Mr magoos auto bluetooth app, which I find very useful, but annoying that if I fire up a memory hungry app, it gets automatically unloaded meaning I have to manually run it to get auto bluetooth back. Cheers Julian
  15. Just got an e200, but cant seem to be able to copy my phone numbers from my old orange sim to the phone memory. It lists them in contacts, but I could do with copying them to the phone. Any way of being able to do this? Cheers
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