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  1. The suspense is killing me! Ready to click some donate buttons :rolleyes:
  2. Just throwing my hat (wallet) in the ring for anyone who can alleviate this headache. Keeping a very close eye on this. Thank you to everyone who's giving their time.
  3. poohkc22

    Done with sprint

    Can anyone tell me, before I change service providers, if its possible for my moto q through sprint to operate with any other provider. Thanks in advance :)
  4. poohkc22


    I am competley stumped as to why I can't get the phonealarm skin to work. Followed every step to the letter, and the sms, Vmail, etc. icons will just not display. Any thoughts? Please help. Nvm.....mission accomplished. Removed and re-installed phonealarm and worked great. Thanks

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