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  1. Ive moved to a galaxy fone, so thank all guys for the great support and thrill ive enjoyed. Keep it up. Cheers. Kannan
  2. Hi Ipaq, what is the closest we can get to deploying JetDroid in Omnia2. I see JetDroid has reached ICS. Is there a remote chance??? Regards Kannan
  3. IPaq, i got it working. Alas, i thought the zip is another 140mb odd file at first. Then was pleasantly surprised to look at the .ko files which i could make out belong to the modules directory. Testing things with the various builds of yours and looks like a solid build of sorts except of a one time reboot. Regards Kannan
  4. Hi Ipaq, Are install instructions same as with updates posted for CMB2??? Regards Kannan
  5. Widget Selector looks snappier, any pointers towards Battery Management, Please!!!
  6. Hi Jithu, >>> i hop u can provide me th orginal rom yes, of course, i can help you with the files in case you are stuck. >>> mine is i8000 kkainu 8gb hope urs too mine is 8 gb too. till now, i have installed in 2 sd cards and also in the internal storage, once i understood the simple procedures for automatic installation to which i have referred to in an earlier post. please let me know how i can help yourself, either by sharing the steps or point to files and the order. **** Please check the post in the same page about an automatic installer from a china forum, which should be just above this...******** Regards and Best Wishes Kannan
  7. Thank you Dev Team. CM6 works great both with sd and internal storage installations. can Omnia II run CM7 in the near future and gingerbread looks to be imminent as it is ported to Jet. Regards and Wishes
  8. Collixsion, installation is a breeze,it worked great and the phone works a charm now. theres a post on automatic installer in the previous pages, which i followed. Make all partitions, fat/ext4/linux swap, as primary and do the installation. i was more than just surprised to see, how easy it had been all through. Warm Regards
  9. Hello there, thank you for the post on automatic installation and after formatting the partitions as primary i got my sdcard installation done. pleasant surprises galore and its my sdcard that shows as damaged and will try out mounting the local storage as suggested here can u please point me as to how i can get things transfer from my storage to sdcard and install apps like i used to. TIA Kannan
  10. Hello Guys, Ive been using beta1 since the release and all my work has been with a win7 pc and no linux. ive never been successful with beta2 or beta3 except for a brief period. with cm6, i endup with an error saying "cannot mount ext4 partition" my sdcard has 3 partitions with fat,ext4,linux swap. with cm6m, installation terminates with a 'mount error ' Regards Kannan
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