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  1. If you're really wedded to physical buttons then yes, obviously the iPhone has limits with some of the more conventional games, but I'd encourage anyone to have an open mind on it. The hardware is very strong in all other respects, and there's a lot that can be done control wise with a capacitive screen and a g-sensor (a lot more than with a traditional PPC style resistive touchscreen, certainly). Here's a run down on a few of the games I play on my iPhone: X-Plane - this is a very fully featured flight sim that easily rivals some desktop titles. Graphically rich and detailed, realistic flight model, huge (and expanding) flight area, a good selection of planes, weather, etc. I also have the separate X-Plane Airliner which allows you to fly 747's and the like over even larger distances. The controls are perfectly fluid and natural, the phone itself becomes your "stick", with an onscreen throttle, flaps etc. The original X-Plane cost me £6 (the most I've ever paid for any app), the Airliner edition was less, both have since had major upgrades (delivered free through the appstore) to improve flight models, add more planes, flight areas etc. Flick Fishing - the most "fun" of various fishing simulators for the iPhone (there are some more serious, realistic versions - this is more of an arcade game) - cast out with a flick of the phone, reel in with an onscreen reel (lots of finger spinning fun, impossible to do on any other screen), a variety of fishing spots and fish which are more of a struggle than others, great graphics, really a lot of fun for a grand total of £0.59p. Tetris - not a cheap clone but the real thing, fully licensed, simple on screen gesture controls, everything proper Tetris should be, £3.49. Cro-Mag - fast, 3D racing game with cavemen characters in Flintstones-like prehistoric racing buggys (with weapons), lots of fun, rich graphics, for controls the phone simply becomes the steering wheel with an on-screen gas pedal etc, £1.19. iChess - as the name suggests, a pretty standard chess game, nice enough graphics but no frills, 99p SolFree - Solitaire, five varieties (Baker's Game, Demon, Spiderette, and the "classic" Klondike deal 1 or deal 3), all beautifully rendered with artful graphics and drag and drop controls, and absolutely free. Darts - traditional british darts, aim and throw with your finger, authentic looking dartboard etc, practice mode or play X01 or Cricket against the phone, another completely free app. Touch Physics - the sort of game that could only be done on the iPhone, relaxing and intriguing puzzle game where you have to draw and manipulate shapes on the screen to move objects around and solve problems, seemingly endless levels and recently expanded with a free update, another 59p marvel. There are plenty of other great looking games waiting in the appstore - I've just checked through your list and Bejeweled 2 is £1.79, Pocket Mini Golf 2 is the same price, no Skyforce but plenty of similar arcade shoot-em-ups available at pocket money prices, no Lemonade Tycoon but the similar Lemonade Stand or Lemonade 2 available for £1-2, as is Virtual Pool (which also has a free "lite" version). One of the best things about iPhone games (and iPhone apps generally) is the appstore connection, game developers are really listening to their users and delivering lots of free updates and improvements, which are downloaded and installed semi-automatically through the store. Also, the economies of scale within the market (with each app pushed to millions of "locked in" users) means low prices, which in no way reflect the high quality of the software.
  2. I think you make many valid points and I totally respect your preference for the Smartphone form factor, which the iPhone for one will never replace, but I have to take issue with this - Games on WinMob are okay, sometimes a bit dated, and often hampered by slow hardware (and being coded for the lowest common denominator in hardware terms). Games on the iPhone are slightly limited by the lack of buttons, and have to use on screen controls and/or the g-sensor, but they are still MINDBLOWING compared to anything I've seen on WinMob, or any other mobile platform for that matter. Graphically astonishing, full of depth and clever gameplay, and bang up to date (with regular free updates conveniently delivered through the appstore too). I rarely played mobile games till I got my iPhone, now there are several titles on the phone I can't put down, and they're all many leagues ahead of anything WinMob is capable of.
  3. I just don't feel the need - I'm happy knowing my phone is stock, it works exactly as the manufacturer intended (and any malfunction can be legimately laid at the door of Apple/O2 rather than a "verboten" app), and through the appstore and legitimate updates I really am getting all the extra functionality I need/want. It's not like WM where I felt the constant need to tweak and try new roms, just to try and get a device I actually liked. I don't want to multitask anything other than the core phone functions (I actually agree with the way Apple have designed their OS), and I'm not interested in endless theming and "customisation" for the sake of it, so not sure jailbreaking has anything to offer me (apart from a little extra hassle every time iTunes or the iPhone OS updates).
  4. What very nearly kept me was the much fuller Exchange sync of WM - including Tasks, sending invites from your calendar on the move, and a private tickbox for calendar entries which the iPhone sadly lacks. What attracted me away to the iPhone is that it works, simply and effectively, and really delivers on the promise that WM has been chasing all these years. It's highly functional, can be very productive as a work tool, is fantastic for browsing, multimedia and games, and is an unrivalled pleasure to use as a phone - and it does it all without tweaking, flashing, or any of those niggling flaws that constantly dog the WM interface. I'd love the iPhone to do more, and to match WM for point by point features, but I could never go back to WM and put up with all the other compromises that entails. Happilly, as meatier apps continue to hit the appstore, the negatives are fading away anyway - in the last week I added MMS and Exchange Tasks to my iPhone for example, all without jailbreaking.
  5. I have to admit I'd never entertain using anything to sync with an individual copy of Outlook on a regular basis - I had years of hell with UIQ (Symbian) devices never quite managing that trick. Proper Exchange sync all the way for me - which, in my experience, the Iphone does just as well as WM.
  6. I know it spoils the story a bit, but I'm another happy iPhone customer with Exchange sync (and/or push) working perfectly. I'm not sure I've heard of anyone having a problem with it, it "just works" :lol: Admittedly it doesn't support tasks, but everything Apple have implemented (mail, contacts, calendars) works perfectly, and it's a pleasure to use.
  7. I'm sure Google and T-Mobile would love this to be "overhyped" like the iPhone, but I'm really not seeing any buzz over it. I agree with the poster above, Android's not ready yet, what's more, the G1 simply isn't good enough to give the OS a proper launch. It's very mediocre hardware, topped off with a largely unknown and underdeveloped OS, and an empty appstore, all tied in to an expensive contract - not the most compelling mass market proposition. Maybe in a year or so Android will be big news. Then again...
  8. Absolutely! Until a week or so ago, I was using the Tytn II. I feel like I gave it (and WinMo) a more than fair go over the year it was my constant companion, but it was always a slight disapointment. Too big and bulky for what it offered really, and it excelled at nothing - the keyboard, camera, GPS, multimedia, all compromised in some way or another. I ummed and ahhed over newer WM devices like the Diamond, Touch Pro, Omnia, X1, but for all the in depth discussion that goes on here and elsewhere, really and truthfully... they're all pretty much of a muchness, aren't they? None of them are all that different to the Tytn II, which I was pretty sick of by the end. So like a few others here, I ended up defecting to something that genuinely improves on things. The Iphone 3G has its shortcomings, but still manages to be a far better device than any other smartphone I've used. The Exchange support gives it much of the business functionality I always appreciated with WM (with a few bearable exceptions) and the multimedia is completely peerless. The screen is brilliant, the battery life is great compared to the Tytn II, the keyboard is far better despite being only virtual, the GPS is quicker (though limited for the moment to Googlemaps), and as for the UI - well - enough said. Everything just works, simply and easily and with no surprises, right down to the switch on the side for silent. I don't walk into 18mth contracts lightly, I'm a one phone, one contract kind of guy, but I'm more than satisfied with the iPhone till April after next...
  9. Couldn't care less, partly because I'm going to the Iphone shortly anyway, and partly because it's just nonsensical that they should be using IE6 as the basis for this - so much so I'm surprised they're being so public about it. I think they're badly underestimating their audience - the clued up people who want a better browser for WM expect something coded for the web in 2008, not some recycled throwback to 2001.
  10. Call me suspicious, but is anyone else half-expecting "Richard Hughes" to get his package, and then start singing the praises of this marvellous company (and their new website at http://www.blah blah...)? I didn't even see the 2G Iphone anywhere on the previous site. Again, call me suspicious.
  11. I'm coming to the end of the road with my Tytn II too - will be swapping it for an Iphone in October when my contract is up. It's the lost keypresses and random freezes that drive me up the wall. From time to time over the last year I thought they were gone - I've tried various cures like resets, new ROMs, new SPL's loaded on - but ultimately, and usually at the very worst possible times, I still find myself waiting for it to register a button press or screen touch that never happens, only to have to repeat that over and over again until the bloody thing wakes up. Then there's all the other shortcomings, the GPS that takes an age to lock after the 6.1 update, the slow typing, the rubbish video, the terrible camera, the way it sometimes slips into speakerphone mode when I first pick up a call.. it hasn't aged well. Even part of the Windows logo has rubbed off my silver Windows key on the front, leaving it looking pretty shabby. I'll probably keep it just for TomTom in the car, but I'm looking forward to ditching it as a phone, sadly. The Iphone may be a little more restricted at the moment, but using it is a positively joyous experience in comparison. The UI is a thing of beauty, and what it does, it does extremely well. The rest I can manage without.
  12. With all due respect to this excellent forum, the best place for ROM updates (or downdates, so to speak) really is XDA Devs. There are extensive wiki's etc that have links to all the files you need, like the original HTC 6.0 ROM. For the record, I carried over hundreds of texts with PIM Backup in the same way, and have had no slowdown issues - no more than was occasionally found on the old ROM anyway. As far as I can see, the threaded system is designed to only load "conversations" in small chunks, so as not to overload itself, and I think it works quite well really. I did find that after the restore, it took a while for the inbox to reorganise itself fully - I found it best to leave it alone while it went through this process, and straightened itself out. Since then it's been fine.
  13. A lot of people have reported poorer first-lock times with GPS after the 6.1 update, unfortunately. Some seem to be unaffected, for others it's a real issue. By first-lock I mean the first time you use the GPS after a soft reset, or after several hours. You might want to check which radio version you have - the "original" HTC update came with radio, but more recently they snuck out another version of the same ROM, this time with radio (both ROMs had the same base version you quote above - 3.28.405.0 WWE). I noticed a definite improvement with the newer radio, although it's still not quite up to 6.0 standard - definitely usable though. For lots more info on radios and how to update yours, see here - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=393182. To find out which radio you have at the moment, go to Start -> Settings -> System (tab) -> Device Information and check the radio version listed there.
  14. I've been falling in and out of love with the Iphone over the last few weeks, the interface is very nice and it's a great piece of design, but at the end of the day there's just too many reasons to come back to my trusty Kaiser. After 9 months it does look old, but deep down it's still a youngster, with a long list of cutting edge features that the slightly vacant Iphone can't touch. I can change up to anything I like in a couple of month's time, and will most likely go to a Touch Pro or similar, but it will only be a largely cosmetic upgrade to the Tytn II - while the Iphone, despite being a cosmetic leap forward, is a downgrade in most over respects.
  15. Never say never! Apple are on record about copy and paste being in their to-do list, and the Register posted an article a little while ago about a possible keyboarded prototype doing the rounds for user testing. Lets face it, if they're serious about pushing the Iphone/OSX as a mobile platform, even Apple know they need more than one model in their range - one size never fits all. Still, they have a way to go in other areas. Underneath that shiny UI, there's still a lot of functionality that's just not there, and this time around there are bugs and core stability problems being reported with the 3G's 2.0 firmware, so all is not so perfect in Apple land.
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