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  1. Glad to be of service. And yes, it was a terribly helpful reply from Jasonkruys was it not? Ah well eh? F.
  2. I think you press and hold the power/talk button until the lights flash red and blue (might be orange and blue - its been a while) while its flashing, do the search on the phone and it'll discover the headset!!!!! enjoy.
  3. did you get this sorted? if not, the following may help...... Tap on Start , then on Settings Tap on the Connections tab then on the Connections icon Tap on the Advanced tab then tap on Select Networks Select Orange MMS in the Second drop down box and tap on edit (if not listed tap New . If New is selected enter name as Orange MMS) Tap on the Modem Tab. Highlight the Orange MMS account and click Edit (If Orange MMS is not there Tap New) settings should be as follows: Name - Orange MMS Modem - Cellular Line (GPRS, 3G) Tap Next Access Point Name - orangemms Tap Next Username/Password/Domain - leave blank Tap Finish Tap OK three times then close the settings screen by tapping on the X in the top right hand corner, this will return you to the home screen From the Home screen Tap Start and then Messaging Tap Menu then MMS configutation Settings should be as below: Retrieve Messages Immediately - should be ticked Download on home network only - customer preference Save Sent Messages - customer preference No. Of Attempts before aborting - 3 (or customer preference) Photo Resolution - QQVGA (160x120) Other settings - customer preference Tap on the Servers tab and tap on Orange UK Settings should be as below: Server Name - Orange UK Gateway - Port - 8080 Server Address - http://mms.orange.co.uk/ Connect via - Orange MMS Send Size limit - 100k Tap OK twice then close the settings screen by tapping on the X in the top right hand corner, this will return you to the home screen
  4. You got Activesync 4.1? - mine backs it all up!
  5. Mine's the same. there's bound to be some kind of ROM update or something soon isn't there?
  6. does it not auromatically detect if the person at the other end can receive a video call?
  7. Yup this happens to me. Try not to cover the microphone at the bottom of the phone!!!
  8. When you go into the Speakerphone profile under settings; profile, it says that the profile is only activated when the device is used as a speakerphone. Just checked and the C500 does too!!
  9. When using the orange music player, if you press the home button, then lock the keypad, the screen will (at some point) go back to the music player screen!! All well and good until you try to unlock the keypad...... The menu that should be hidden under the unlock button seems to still be active - kinda like the reminder with Keylock bug earlier. OK, I is a bit fick, did n't see the earlier post that mentioned this - I do apologise!
  10. From what I understand, they ARE illegal in the UK. You need a licence to transmit on FM here!!!!! Strangely they're ok in the US.
  11. Well, I went with the HTC solution - as Orange aren't always the supplier and I don't see why those who bought the phone from a dealer should be penalised for doing so!!!! Hope that makes sense!?
  12. Not sure about that particular headset, but the two I've got (Both motorolas) only have the one multifunction button - not counting the volume keys- and its the presses of the multifunction button of varying length that tell the phone whether to go into pairing mode, hangup, redial, put call on hold or switch off!!!!! Do some experimenting with the phone and headset in view and see what happens - who knows you may have uncovered a hidden facility on the headset!!! I think it depends on whether the headset and phone support the "headset" profile, as opposed to the "handsfree" profile. The C500 definitely supports headset, so it really all hinges on the headset!!!!
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