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  1. Animated Weather for Android - Weather forecast application. The exquisitely realistic video effects of cloudiness, rain and snow provide the vivid sensation of current or future weather conditions for more than 50000 locations over the world. http://www.weather-android.com/ Video:
  2. Good luck!! If it were in the states and I was sure it was compatible I would purchase it. My charge function on my i910 just blew on me, so an external battery charger seems the only way for me to go!
  3. I'll have to sign-up over there. The only two ROM chefs I have used together!! I am on the Incredible now, but I am sure there is a lot I can learn there!!
  4. I use Chompsms now, and I agree it is pretty cool. On WM I always used an app called PocketCM. It is free (donations accepted of course) and highly skinnable. There doesn't seem to be much development as of late, but I always found it to be highly functional and fun to use. To be honest, I started using Chompsms trying to find something clost to PocketCM (sound familiar LOL). Here is the link to PocketCM: http://www.pocketcm.com/ I used the Dark Diamond II skin found here: http://www.pocketcm.com/theme.php?application=1 Good luck, if you try it I think you will like it. It takes over your stock contacts app and really works well. My only suggestion would be to clean out your SMS folders occasionally, the more you have in memory the longer it takes PocketCM to open.
  5. WOW...your still around? LOL How you been? I see you moved onto a droid!! I just got the Incredible myself!!! Your ROMs really made my Omnia something special, and I am still using your last one (I think it was the last) on it (I still use it for certain things)!!! Thanks for all the work, and I hope to see you in the Android forums!!
  6. I pick-up my Incredible tomorrow, so I hope this does come to fruition!!!
  7. I hope this hasn't been requested before, but I didn't see it if it was. I was wondering if it would be possible to start a device-specific sub-forum for the HTC Droid Incredible (as named by VZW, basically named the HTC Incredible)? It is due for official release Friday the 29th, but a lot are already out and I think it will be a widely used forum very soon now!! Thanks for thinking about it, and at least reading this!!
  8. That does sound better except for two things...one: I still have a first gen iTouch (no BT) ....but I am seriously considering upgrading SOON!!!! two: I have no idea what intshui is, please inform me (I will Google it as well, you may be faster though LOL). Thanks for the info, it is nice to know it may be a lot easier if I get the new iTouch!!!!
  9. Here is a little project I am trying to get right....hoping to get some info I am missing so far: I am trying to set-up my Omnia as a wi-fi hotspot to run an iTouch off. For instance...when on the road if I am in a parking lot waiting on someone and want to update my farm or check my iTouch email.....whatever.....I would like to be able to use the iTouch via wi-fi from my Omnia. So far I seem to get the iTouch to identify a source named 'voice' but it does not get any internet info, the signal bars look strong, but apps keep saying they are not connected or there is an invalid argument. Any info on something I am missing (or if this isn't even possible for some reason) I would appreciate any info....thanks a lot.
  10. They are still charging the same amout...aren't they? I thought I read somewhere they lowered the charge, but can't find it now.
  11. Does ANDROMNIA install Android on the Omnia for use? I know this app is only the boot loader, but I just stumbled across this today and I am very interested in getting Android running on my device, with or without Gen Y. Thanks for any info!!
  12. Looks good!! I've been thinking of adding some new ringtones!! Thanks for posting it!!
  13. I think it is more that they are being realistic about it, the bell has been rung and you can't un-ring it. We are using it and the CAB has been distributed, so there is no way they can get it back from all the current SWYPE users, so they are basically aknowledging that and saying there will be a 'legal' version in the future, but until then the current version will have no support. Can't really blame them, at least they aren't being aggressive about pulling it (or are they???? Anyone else have problems getting onto the SWYPE thread today??? ;) ). Hope that makes sense....it sounded so much better in my head before I typed it out LOL!!!
  14. Oh....I don't have to lay the blame on him...I will be the first to admit I would have trouble firing the gun much-less actually playing + winning LOL!!!!
  15. BGA....if you saw my ID in Modern Warfare it is actually my son...he has been playing that constantly, and I opened the PS3 account, so it is under my name!! :)
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