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  1. Got the same thing coming from Cyanogenmod 7. Found a few other people had the same issue as well.
  2. Its a bit of a slippery slope! Add the HTC lockscreen to fix the calling issue, then add the HTC clock app so you get alarm notifications on the lock screen, then add the HTC weather because without that the clock app crashes. After all that you realise that you might as well have the HTC launcher as well so that you get the four shortcuts on the lock screen. Not so vanilla anymore :)
  3. Wondering really whether to file this as a bug... If you do have a lock pattern in use and someone calls you using the vanilla rom you have to first unlock the phone, then enter you pattern, then you can see who is calling and press a button. Takes a little while sometimes, and can miss a call because it is quite a procedure. Surely you should be able to just swipe and answer the call in one go, no?
  4. Talking about multitasking, is there a way of swapping out the HTC multitasking widget for the AOSP one? The AOSP one seems so much nicer, being able to see more than one app on the screen at once! I also want to ask about swapping out the HTC in-phone-call screens with the AOSP ones - I presume doing this will also fix issues such as being able to see on the screen who is calling without unlocking the phone, and also answering the call with one swipe instead of two (one to unlock the AOSP lock screen, another to answer the HTC phone call). But otherwise, great rom! Its the easy way of removing a bunch of Vodafone and HTC stuff that I don't need, and it makes me happy :)
  5. Yeah the camera app is HTC (to take advantage of the One X camera processor), but the gallery app is stock Android. So in the camera app, clicking the thumbnail will want to launch the HTC gallery app which doesn't exist. I have the same minor issue with my kitchen rom.
  6. Hi Paul, great rom! After wiping and installing on my Desire Z I only have English (United States) and Español locales available. Any chance of adding English (United Kingdom) to the oven? Else, can anyone help me out on where I can get a locale from and whether I can push it to the phone somewhere. Thanks!
  7. In which case my SPL would probably be useful since its definitely a regular retail Nexus One, not a dev phone or holiday phone.
  8. By magic I have a Ship SPL with S-OFF so I can unlock and relock my bootloader. If anyone knows whether I can read the SPL off my phone I'm happy to pass it on.
  9. Be careful! I once killed a Kingston 1GB card trying to get it out of a Nintendo hacking gadget by slightly scratching the 'chip' side of the card with a jewellers screwdriver. Try to grip the thicker lipped end rather than lever it out.
  10. I thought that my double leter bug had gone, but it is stil there, even after disabling autocomplete. Its very anoying! ;)
  11. PocketCM is awesome! I have quite a few contacts in my phone and it actually makes me able to call someone quickly without flicking the keyboard open and faffing about ;) Coming from instant dial phones such as the Treo and Nokia E61, this really makes a difference. The threaded SMS mode is neat too. I do get the on-screen keyboard popping up though when in Landscape mode, and this overlaps things and generally ruins the experience. Any way of turning this off?
  12. Oh wait, looks like disabling word suggest and auto correct has solved it. Sweet.
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