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  1. Rom seems awesome - great job! I'm getting more double presses than usual, but I'll investigate that later. How do I get into game mode exactly? Cheers!
  2. Has anyone figured these out yet? They're doing my head in - MCR r8.
  3. As an owner and user of both I can tell you the following: * Browsing on the Vega with dolphin hd and lastpass is unbeatable. * You'll love the ipad screen it's so much better. * The app quality is mainly looks, but comes at a hell of a price to your wallet. * Cases can be awesome the iMage gets my recommendation its awesome. Good luck in iWorld mate!
  4. I have both mate. I prefer my Vega to my ipad for the hacking and customisation, but when showing my clients my web and design work, it's the ipad hands down. Wait for a android tablet with a better screen.
  5. Deals over now, probably won't go that low until the launch of the iPad2, but shipping is cheap when you have an American wife whose family ship big boxes of stuff every few months.... :lol:
  6. Got it from the US on a black Friday deal, pretty much cost me £300. So only £50 more than the vega.
  7. Answering this one from the iPad. I also love hacking cracking and fiddling with all my toys. That's half the fun. This iDevices just works bollocks appears to be just that. Bollocks. Open the box ready play only to find you need to sync it with iTunes first. I'm a windows/Linux user ffs. Jump on apple.com and download the great evil. Damn thing fails to install because I've got a 64bit install so back on and redownload. Install the crap which also installs QuickTime. Thanks assholes. Plug the iPad in, I need to log in with my apple ID which, of course, I don't have. Now an apple ID you'd think requires an email address and password. WRONG! Email address, street address, phone number, fore and surnames and CREDIT CARD details!!! So now I've got my crapware installed, I've got my apple ID, and it's plugged in (still not touched the iPad yet) itunes tells me I need to install an os update. Go for it, I say and after downloading it iTunes says my iPad can't update error code 33somethingorother. Look down at the iPad and it's frozen. Leave it 10 minutes and it's still black screened. Google iPad recovery mode, reattach to iTunes and reapply the update. Im finally able to use my iPad. Only took an hour and a half. Apple. It just works. Piss right off with that.
  8. Day One, things I've learnt. Advantage Vega: Cheap and free apps. Ports. Filesystem access. Customisable. Android apps general upscale well. Dolphin browser. Flash. No need for iTunes. Notification bar - damn do you miss it! Expandable memory. Google apps suite. Advantage iPad: Screen- by a country mile. form factor feels "right" - width by height. Keyboard better - but not a lot better than smart keyboard pro. Default apps are cleaner and better done. IPhone appear all seem to work, but in a horrible, windowed way. At the moment, there can be no argument the iPad is better, but is it enough to warrant the extra cash? Hint - I'm typing this on my Vega.
  9. Again, it's a fresh purchase, let me use it a few days first. :lol: All I know is I'm furious that before using it I HAVE to - download and install iTunes (bloatware), register the device (including street address and phone number?!) and add a credit card to their records, whether or not I want to buy anything. GRRRRRRRRRR!
  10. Wife has first dibs on it I'm afraid. :) Honestly, just opened it this morning, I'll need to use it a bit longer before making a judgement. First impression is build quality is far better on the iPad, but the lack of ports has instantly pissed me off. There is no flash on any iProducts (unless iirc you use skyfire). So Vega wins that comfortably.
  11. Afternoon Vegans, My iPad has finally made it's long journey from the US to my grubby little hands. Now as an owner of both, I feel I could be in a decent position to anyone umming and ahhing about either/both. Any questions?
  12. Anything happening with this? A mix of this and Paul's rom would make the perfect Vega would it not?
  13. I appreciate the thought, but I've said multiple times this isn't a demands list, this is simply a list of gripes everyone has, that will be ticked off as they get fixed, leaving us with the ULTIMATE tablet(ish). :D
  14. Just a heads up in case it's coming over like that - this isn't a "demands" list. We're getting new devs on the device quite often, and they may well appreciate a list of things that don't work well on the vega (as well as potential buyers)!
  15. Thanks Remlap, installed that, and am watching some boxing off my server. Nice. Feel for anyone with an Unpnp server though.
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