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  1. Jonny_doe

    REALLY poor signal on T-Mobile

    Hello , sorry i've only just seen this post .. I got a Touch Pro on T-Mobile from Expansys , and i live in Bristol (Bishopsworth ) , and work in the B.R.I. (hospital) in the center of town , and my signal is fine , infact i've found it better in a lot of places than Orange (my old provider ) was before ...
  2. I toying with the idea of getting the touch pro , on the T-Mobile Flext 30 + Web N Walk deal from Expansys .. Has anyone hear got this deal or similar deal on T-Mobile ?? I just wondered if there were any hidden catches i should know about .. Is the 3g signal good , etc, etc I've only ever been on Orange and O2 , this is why i was asking ..
  3. Jonny_doe

    Signal in Bristol area

    I'm thinking of getting a Touch pro on t-mobile , but i've never been on t-mobile , and only ever heard how bad the signal was in the bristol area , I've only ever been on Orange a O2 , both of which were fine in Bristol , is anyone here in Bristol area and can tell me if it any good ????
  4. Jonny_doe


    Looks like it's out now guys .... http://wiki.xda-developers.com/index.php?pagename=HTC_Raphael_Vendors
  5. Jonny_doe

    HTC Diamond Pro available When ???

    That's what i was hoping for , thanks guys
  6. Does anyone know when the HTC Diamond Pro is going to released to a network ??? Also Does anyone know if Orange will get this ??? The sales man in Orange today told me that orange isn't getting it , so i thought i'd ask people who know ??
  7. Jonny_doe

    Screen repair

    Terminal Did you get the screen , and was it easy to fit ????
  8. Thanks , i install the demo , and it does work fine , but just alittle over the top for me really , lol i only want the Missed calls bit .. but thanks for replying
  9. Hello is there a today plugin that shows if you've had a Missed call, like this ... Missed calls 0 I've been search everywhere but i can't find any ..
  10. Still no links to this yet , very strange , i wouldn't mind trying this as well ..
  11. Can anyone share a link for these for the Qkek owner ??? I could do with a few games ..
  12. Thanks m8 , this should kill some time ..
  13. Any news yet , on this rom ?? It's taking ages
  14. can anyone share the SP5_Default_Setup_V5.331.1.0.exe on rapidshare or something like that ??? I can't get this software from imate as i have a qtek .. many thanks ;)
  15. Nice find m8 , and great price aswell , many thanks ;)

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