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  1. OK - so I am the dummy! I've just realised that by creating a folder of .png images I can just link to them. Derrrrrrrr!!!!! Thanks for looking and I hope someone else finds that useful.
  2. Hi All I suspect this may have already been covered in another thread but I can't find it so here goes ... First of all, thanks Fireburned for a fantastic WM6.5 ROM. Really like it and it is completely stable and reliable. Great!!! Now for the question: I have added a new panel to the Sliding Panel home screen layout for links (CLinks). I have added several pages and done the necessary links to the various apps I want to access from this panel. However: I cannot find how to add the correct icons to the Pictures field. I think I must be missing something but I do not know how to get the correct icon numbers to add. Do I need to upload special icons and if so in what format/size? Can I just link to the icons associated with the .exe files to which I have linked from the panel? If neither of the above how do I add the icons I want to be displayed in this panel on the home page? Hope I am not being too thick and you will take pity on an old man whose brain is probably not working too well LOL Thanks one and all.
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