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  1. Although I LOVE my Samsung Omnia i910, my job requires me to carry another carrier's phone, so I have hardly used this device in months. As you will see from its blemish-free condition, I took great pains to protect it (note the cases included with the phone). I talked-up the phone so much I got my brother to get one, too. He's still using his, but doesn't require some of the kit that came with his unit, so I'm offering them along with mine. This Omnia is in MINT condition... without even a mark on the screen, let alone the case. I guarantee that the device works as good, if not better* than the day I purchased it - less than a year ago...! What comes with this cell phone is as follows: 1 iGo Stowaway UltraSlip Bluetooth Keyboard, 1 Clean16GIG Micro SD Memory Card, 2 Wall Chargers, 2 USB Cords and 1 USB/Wall Charger Attachment, 1 Rubberized Outer Shelled Heavy Duty Otterbox Case, 2 Swivel Belt Holsters, 2 Audio/Charger Dongles, 1 Car Charger, 1 Heavy-duty Belt Pouch, 1 Wall/Desk Stand, 1 Seidio Hard Case Rubberized Back Cover, Software, Stylus Pen, Retail Packaging...! Battery is in great charging condition. *What's more, say "Goodbye" to the slow, old Windows Mobile 6.1/Samsung Widgets Theme, this phone's ROM has been UPGRADED to the highly responsive Lioryte's Windows Mobile 6.5.3 - running the Titanium Theme (you're gonna love it). As I mentioned in the beginning, if it wasn't because I must carry another device 24/7 - I'd keep this phone. In all, I've spent well over $500 (my wife says more like $600) on all of the items I'm offering; I'm only looking for $350 (plus shipping) and it's all yours! As they say, "My loss is YOUR gain...!" Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have questions regarding the device or the extras. You can email me, at: [email protected] The whole collection is on ebay, at: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=190378882786 Thanks for your time and consideration.
  2. Hey Guys... and Gals. Same issues with upgrade to Windows 7 on a 64 bit system. ·CAN connect my i910 and it recognizes it as a Samsung Omnia all on its own. ·CAN migrate through the storage card, My Storage and :C drive... ·BUT, CAN NOT sync my contacts or calendar! The hourglass (or the latest version) icon just spins, and spins and spins... HALP...!!
  3. Greeting, and THANK YOU for doing such a great job on this theme! I have but one question... if I didn't want to add yet another access to my contacts (as I'm currently already using icontacts), how can I change the test "contacts" to, say... something entirely different? Simple. (?!) Thanks!
  4. So... if I loaded the latest COM 3 version, would it be faster and more reliable with better tactile ablity than, say... the latest COM 5 version? I realize that they are different ROM branches, (and don't really understand just what that means). I have downloaded various optional Titanium add-ons, like digital clocks, Office, weather and all... and some will show-up in my CHOME list, others require being added to same, and despite being loaded to the main memory (and not My Storage, or a Storage Card)... non of the programs actually work. For that matter, some won't even show-up, despite being installed and activated in CHOME. It's not as if I NEED to install ALL of them, it's just it would be nice to actually get to run them as they were designe. I have also installed JMLToday, JMLPanex and JMLLibrary thinking that perhaps I needed them, too, to actually make the others work as expected. No go. Even after a reboot, I get an error message stating a certain program either isn't loaded or installed (I thought that is what I loaded in the first place...?!?). Bother...!! Silly question, but - could someone point me in the right direction, or at least provide a match so I can light the candle of enlightenment...?? Thank you.
  5. Silly question, but - the Base version number... did I miss something, here? We went from 28514 now to 23517...?? Please tell me that this is just a typo. If not, kindly explain... Thank you!
  6. Good morning, all... and Happy Holidays; may yours be Healthy, Safe and Memorable...! I have recently loaded this (Lioryte 28014) base onto my Samsung Omnia i910, and also selected a number of cab files to install, as well... after the base was installed. They included such Titanium-friendly items as: Titanium Sense by NikichZ alpha 02.cab cDEigiClock CHeroClock CLauncher COffice TitaniumWeather CLinks ...to name but a few. When I attempted to actually use them... odd things would happen. Either they wouldn't work at all*, or would seem to start working, but when selected, they would become unstable, giving window warnings that mentioned that something it needed wasn't loaded (yet, I downloaded and installed as I have always done). I've been at this for the past week to rectify on my own... and to no succcess, so I turn to you, my brethren for guidance. In a word... HALP! ...I eagerly await your soonest reply. PAX, Peace and Shalom. Sandy ;)
  7. Yeah... when using the GPS on the cracked 6.1 Verizon Wireless Omnia i910 on my device gets REALLY hot. What's more - if I tapped on the START button in the upper left corner, the button freezes with a white sort of halo... and refuses any further action. I often have to turn off the phone and let the device cool off and then reboot it. Sucks to have to do this all the time.
  9. I'm sorry, but I typed as instructed... In the phone keypad type: *#0002*28346# and I got a recording from Verizon Wireless telling me I have made an error. NOW what...!??!
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