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  1. Paul - I just upgraded to a Telus HD2 on AT&T in the States and as usual I'm running into duplicate contact hell! With 2800 COntacts that's a lot of trouble! DupeDeDupe to the rescue! I think I donated to this cause when I moved to my Fuze 2 phones ago, but I figure it's woth $1.50 for each phone I need it on! SO chers Mate - have another Pint on me - you've earned it again! Thanks again, and again, and again, and again... :) MadSci
  2. This isn't HD2 specific - but the last time I had that problem was on a BJ2. rove me nuts until I realized it wasn't me - it was the phone. Backed it up to the SD card via Spit Backup - Hard Reset - reinstall system via Sprite Backup ad voila! the problem was gone.]]Don't know how, don't know what but something was messed up in the registry I suppose. Might be worth a try MadSci
  3. Wonderful contribution to the Forum Mouth! Thsi one really saved my bacon. Thanks so much!!!!! :D MadSci
  4. I'm in for a Quid! My Rhodium had a corrupted sd card and melted down. In the process of re-loading my 2700+ COntact list, it duplicated on both my phone and Outlook! Tried my old standby of MAPILab and it wouldn't install properly. Then I remembered DupeDeDupe and I was saved!! Both phone and Outlook now synced with only only one set of Contacts! Thank You Paul!!!!!!! :D MadSci PS: Now I just ahve to kill all the duplicate Calender events! Hmmmm
  5. I've found a way to turn off BTooth without having to go all the way to the Comm Manager. Look in the WINDOWS directory for a file named TurnBTOff. Make a link to it in the Start Menue, then Add it to one of the buttons on the Progras Tab. You still have to turn BT ON manually :D but at least turning it OFF is now painless. Hopefully someone can use the code ion this App to make a fundtioning BT Toggle program. More details here at XDA: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread...279#post4830279 MadSci
  6. Across the Pond the App is buried in the WINDOWS directory. Try taking a look there using a File Manager. If you see something named "Youtube" click on it. If you have the App there, then select it, COPY it, and navigate up into the WINDOWS/START MENU/PROGRAMS folder and paste a link to it there. Once it's in there, you should turn your phone off and on, and look for "YouTube" in the list of Programs on the phone. Hopefully it is buried ther int eh WIndows directory. I reproted this same set of circumstances here at MoDaCo for the Fuze (AT&T version of the Touch Pro), and danged if they haven't done it again! Hope this helps! MadSci
  7. Here in Washington DC I can't find a single store with it in stock. Only 1 store even has a single example for display! So I called AT&T, asked to speak to Customer Retention, FYI my monthly total is about $120 and my contract was up. Got a nice guy called Alex and told him I wnated to get the phone, and since my contract was up I was looking around for the best deal. At first he was able to get it down to a net after rebates of $250. I winged a bit and suggested he try again as I thought I could do better elsewhere. He went off to talk to someone (a Supervisor I guess) and came back with the following: $350 - $50rebate -another $50 rebate -10% + $249.99 plus a $50 mail in rebate to HTC for a net total of $174.99! I could pry the actual rebate codes out of him, but feel free to press for the same deal! MadSci
  8. I'm confused. This only slows the processor clock down under certain conditions. How did you manage to configure it to increase the performance of TouchFlo? Thanks MadSci
  9. Well if anyone cares (and judging from the wall of silance that has greeted my post on this both here and at XDA - I'm not sure that anyone does) the answer was Batti! Soemhow it ended up with a setting to give off this annoying noise whenever disconected from AC power. Now it's off and I'm happy, but I'm quite sure I didn't change the setting, so it's a bit of a mystery to me. Anyway, if you were lurking and had the same problem - go check for your settings in Batti! MadSci
  10. OK, I'm pretty sure this is my own doing, but a couple of weeks ago my Fuze began emitting a series of four VERY loud beeps whenever it is disconnected from the charger. It's so loud it bugs people in the next room! Given the short batter life, my Fuze spends alot of it's day in and out of a charging cradle, and the noise is very disruptive. I did a Hard Rest, and the noise went away. When I restored my files via Sprite back to the way it was a couple of weeks ago, the noise came back. I can't seem to find any option to enable/disable this function in any of my installed software, so I'm stumpted. I'd really hate to have to rebuild the phone manually, so I'm hoping someone will recognise this behaviour and be able to say what software is the likely culprit. Any sugestions, short of a rebuild, will be gratefully appreciated! :) Thanks MadSci
  11. Over at XDA Developers they have found the CAB Files for the TV Out and the FM Radio Tuner that AT&T left off of the Fuze. B) Pick them up here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.p...;postcount=204) I haven't looked into the TV Out, but I did install the FM Tuner CAB, ran it and then ran the program from the All Programs list. As long as you plug in a set of headphones (using that AWEFUL adapter that came with the phone - uggghh! B) ) the FM Tuner works GREAT B) Many thanks to the brilliant minds at XDA! B) Enjoy MadSci
  12. Found it! B) See my Thread in this Forum: http://www.modaco.com/content/raphael-http...-the-at-t-fuze/ MadSci
  13. Like all Fuze owners, I've been seething that AT&T 'removed' the Youtube App from the TouchPro before selling it to me. It's loaded with more Bloatware than any phone in history, but the one thing I would REALLY use - they took off!! B) Well folks, they didn't do a very good job and it turns out you DO have the Youtube App on your Fuze - they just hid it from you B) With a quick COPY and PASTE, you will have all of Youtube at your fingerprints (your phone IS covered in fingerprints isn't it B) So here's how to enjoy Youtube on your Fuze, with nary a Hack or tweek required. Use File Explorer to open the Windows folder on the phone. Scroll to the bottom (assuming you're sorting them alphabetically), you will see a couple of 'Youtube' items. highlight the one named 'Youtube.lnk' and COPY it. Then migrate over to the "Start Menu' or the 'Programs' Folder (I prefer the 'Start Menu' so it's readily accessable, but you can have it either way) and PASTE the file in. Power the phone off and on (soft reset) to load the program into the start menu (if that's where you chose to put it). You can also copy the other file over to the Programs Folder if you like, but that will duplicate the entire App program so you'll be using up storage space for no reason. But go ahead if you wish. Voila! You've defeated AT&T! B) Go to Programs - All Programs and way down the bottom of the list you will find YouTube. Press it and enjoy! It's a pretty complete application, with search, favorites etc. The rendering is a good match for the screen resolution, and it downloads and runs very quickly if you have a WiFi connection. It seems to download the entire video before playing, so even under 3G there's a fair wait to download the file before it runs, but the payoff is the video is smooth with no choppyness or pauses (at least that's what I've sen so far). Enjoy! MadSci
  14. Over at freewarepocketpc, a brilliant little App is awaiting your attention! B) Sensor Lock is a tasty little bit of freeware that allows you to define a pair of gestures to lock and unlock your phone. Now we're not talking 'swipes' here, I mean gestures with the phone in your hand. The defaults involve rolling the phone over along the longitudinal (the longest in this case) axis of the phone. That's it - roll it over one way, and the phone locks. Stuff it in your pocket with no worries about activating the screen or keys. Take it out and roll it the other way and it's unlocked and ready to go. Pretty neat and simple, and if you're used to a good 'roll over' now and then, or to 'rolling your own' it should be second nature! B) The truly tast parts are still to come. You can define custom getures to replace the defaults by 'recording'' the gesture. Fair warning tho - this is in beta and I and a few others have had a bit of difficulty getting the program to recognize the 'recorded' gesture once you leave the cusomization screen. Be smarter than me - cusomize the 'lock' gesture first to test how it's working on your handset, not the 'unlock' gesture B) And there's more. You are offered a veritable buffet of options regarding what to lock (screen, keyboard or both), what to do when a call comes in (wake the phone in the locked state or the unlocked state - unlock it automatically when the call connects (I was puzzled by this, until I remembered that you can set the phone to auto-answer after a defined set of rings) - auto lock when the phone goes to 'sleep' or not - auto unlock when it 'wakes up' - enable or disable the program when on external power, or when the phone is vertical and many more. B) At first I was a bit irritated and missed several calls fumbling with a locked but ringing phone, until I dug in and customized it to suit my style and (lack of)co-ordination level. I encourage you to give it a whirl B) and remember if it's annoying you ,you probably just need to change the settings! Kudos to the Developer of this nice little App! you can get it at: http://www.freewarepocketpc.net/ppc-download-sensorlock.html MadSci
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