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  1. mll

    Forum for the HTC HD mini

    Bump ! Just a plain "no" as an answer would do - though I'd favour a "yes" :lol:
  2. Hi there, Is there any reason why there is no HTC HD mini-specific subforum ? Or didn't I find it ? I just got one, and would love to discuss bugs or annoyances, their eventual fixes, and hacks, with my fellow HD mini owners. Thanks
  3. same here :/ actually, you need to use SDA_ApplicationUnlock.exe and then uspl_116_jockyw.bat that are in the package befoe doing the rom update
  4. THrough wifi = unpossible it seems :D according to http://www.modaco.com/index.php?s=&sho...st&p=864595
  5. That's what I feared. :D Thanks for your reply. :(
  6. Hi there, I have a wifi & GPRS Windows Mobile 6 smartphone (SPV E650 if that's useful). I'd like my laptop to be able to use its ability to connect to the Internet through the cable ActiveSync connexion, preferably through the smartphone's wifi connexion when in hotspots, or through its GPRS connexion when wifi is not avilable. I could not find out how to achieve this. Is that possible ? If yes, how ? Many thanks in advance. MLL
  7. http://wiki.modaco.com/index.php/HTC_Vox
  8. And one final question: I guess an overclocked phone depletes its battery faster; are there other caveats / handling warnings? Can over-overclocking fry a smartphone? Yes I'm new to all this ;)
  9. OK, I found out what the problem was : for some reason, my E650, which I had application unlocked recently, was not application unlocked any more. Re-unlocking it fixed it all.
  10. Thank you very much for the crystal clear tutorial. Yet it doesn't seem to work for me: OmapClock returns the following error: Error Initialization failed. Reason: Can't map I/O. And one remark: it seems that downloading omapclock is not really required, as it's included in tornado power control already.
  11. Seems to works fine on a french E650 (I even skipped the initial hard reset). Thanks ! ;)
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