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  1. Guys some help, cannot seem to flash this, i get stuck in the initial (on the CM9 boot screen), have done this without issues in the past on previous builds and oddly I have no problems flashing the AOKP version ??? Any ideas ?
  2. Pairing BT the pin request does not shoe in the notifications I also had problems making calls from contacts ???
  3. Odd same laptop, etc.. connected at work this morning and no problems, very strange, I only ever have this issue with Atomic, not even Logicmod, anyway its working and loving this ROM.
  4. Cracking ROM, but the only one, as in Atomic that don't USB debug for me so no go for me, strange setting is on ???
  5. Awesome work, love the look, was fooled thought it was a stock ICS ROM. Found only the phone PIN in white as an issue so far, nothing else, will feedback battery etc... One question, forgot how i resolved this before, but i cannot get my phone to connect (USB) to my PC now, someone remind me.
  6. Same here WIFI not working and no noticable battery improvement so far.
  7. Agree battery life is the best of all the ROMs on offer and also after a weeks use that the dock is slow and does not respond sometimes. One other issue not sure is this is a web page loading issue (but never experienced it to date with other ROMs), just surfing the modaco page, it contstantly freezes (for about 5-10 secs) when scrolling. But beyond that, I have tried every ROM, so many times and this is the best for me at the moment.
  8. Flashed and using now for a few days, excellent work, does everything it says and no issues, actually prefer it to the standard Atomic build, love the battery life also.
  9. Guys, trying this ROM again and find it will not let me installl certain apps from the market, says not compatible, is that because it 2.3/2.4 based ?
  10. Worked, but I cannot figure how to configure the dock, I only had Messaging and Applications, how do I add, and any Samsung widgets ?
  11. Flashed onto Ice Armour 2, no problems, but not noticing any benefit.
  12. Think your right I noticed with BT always on a severe drain, I manually switch it on and off now (a pain)
  13. Thats rude to say they least, maybe you should try building a ROM yourself and post it, so we can judge your skills. If you dont like the menu animations, read them thread and switch them off.
  14. Did a fresh reinstall, full wipe and battery recalibration, this time from home with WIFI, so initial setup was smooth and linked to the Market straight away. No Gmail force close issue or the Hotmail sync issues I had, great battery life so far, the best ROM to date. Do not like the centre clock fix, looks odd and it gets blocked by the GPS text sometimes.
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