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  1. +1, I want simple homescreens, BBC widget (when I swipe to another screen) has basic info, click on it for more detailed forecasts.
  2. Not sure, probably they have a deal with the manufacturers so that they can tap OEM roms easily, hence dodging this issue with a custom rom might avaoid certain built in 'back doors'. Dunno, speculation. I already used Carrier IQ detector, still use USSD wipe stopper & Lookout security, though the latter two are not related to your topic. Really, unless you're a 'person of interest' there's no need to be paranoid over anything. I would continue to make fun of these fools & Fart In Their General Direction for as long as they believe the whole world is out to get them. It is THEY who are paranoid!
  3. 4g isn't widely available in the UK, mostly just the main cities.   WiFi at home, did you:   Unplug the router, wait a few mins, plug back in & wait a few mins?   Reset your router?   Go in your phones' WiFi settings, click Forget connection & start a new connection?   Try a different ROM on your phone?
  4. I think they don't allow tethering, similar to giffgaff / o2, the "all you can eat" refers to the device you're using it on. I think there is an extra tariff that allows tethering?
  5. You delete from system? Some must interact with other functions on phone for sure.
  6. Yup, I deleted YouTube a while back, seems to be the main offender. Also have no need for the Gmail app, I much prefer the android email client. I have no need for google+ or their crappy location services (beyond what I enable per app). Google are becoming a joke, I give them maybe two or three years before a proper mobile phone manufacturer steps in & makes a decent smartphone that doesn't rape your battery in the name of information harvesting. We need alternatives to google! Booooooo!!!!!
  7. Aaarrgg. Wasn't it called Key Lime Pie? Until the corporate [email protected] boat that is Nestle decided they want android to sell their products.
  8. Well said. The thing with iPhone owners is, there is essentially two kinds. You got your apple fanboys, then you got your fickle folk who buy tech for fashion over function. How many iphone user actually own a mac? Apple products are really meant to be used together, & iTunes is perfect in that respect. From what I can gather, people who slate iTunes are PC users, still stuck in the old days of WinAmp or WMP. Sure, iTunes is best working with apple products, but it's more than adequate for the 'old' timers who find anything other than drag & drop too difficult. Really, these people should listen to themselves sometimes, they sound like their grandparents! I choose not to have an iPhone simply because android phones are just as good, & really, I don't buy a phone because of fashion! This is what has got the apple fanboys riled. They thought Apple were top dog selling fashion items to everyone, & then comes along someone selling decent, all rounder products. How Dare They!!!
  9. Are people getting android to look like iphone? That's sad.
  10. External card is the one you can remove (SD card), internal is the one you cannot (phone). When you plug it in (USB), the external (SD card) will show up. That's the way mass storage works, it's using your phone as a card reader. Sounds like you need a bigger SD card if you like trying out custom roms. There won't ne much space left on a 2gb card for anything else. If you made a nandroid backup, there's no need to keep it on the card; you can move it on to your computer for safe keeping (the nandroid backup will be a folder within clockwork mod backup folder, & named with a date). If you want to restore your nandroid backup, move it back. I keep my nandroid backups or other custom roms in the cloud (dropbox account), so they're available to me even when away from the computer.
  11. Apps will install to phone first. In settings > applications > manage apps you can choose to move them to card or back to phone. Apps with widgets should not be moved to the card as the widgets will not be available in the widget list. When you connect the phone to USB & pull down the notification bar you can choose mass storage & it will show up on your computer, copy stuff off the card to your comp & then you can delete stuff on the card. There is also dropbox cloud storage service. They have an android app.
  12. Normally if you have more than one app that can do a task it will prompt you to which one - you just tick the box to use as default & it won't ask you again* *If an apps permissions have changed, it may ask you again - but only because something has changed in the app so you are given the option to allow or deny it. Repeat the step above & it won't ask you again - that is, until the app has an update that requires your permission. It's for your security! You don't have to have apps updating from the play store automatically - if you do, they will only prompt for your attention if the apps' permissions have changed, & they want you to review it first before allowing or denying it. I think you need to point this question at the makers of the apps, as they're the ones who develop the app & give it new permissions, that of course, require yours ;)
  13. The future is amazing for this kind of tech. Not only near field technology, but internal components that can 'talk' wirelessly & transmit electricity (very small amounts) between themselves, again without wires or printed solder. I seem to remember it was sony trialling this technology.
  14. Aye, read up on installing clockworkmod recovery (if your rom doesn't include it) so you can back up your rom & restore it from card. Also try a different launcher to the stock one. Some good ones out there, some are free :)
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