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  1. iv read this thread and to be honest some of you seem proper dissatisfied with windows.iv been using a vario3 for 18 months now and to be honest theres times its a superb device and a lot of times its a pain in the behind. the things i like are the big screen and the simple black letters on a white background when messaging and that its voice dialling is the best iv used on any device. what i cant stand is the temperamental wifi having to input the key when it says the key is incorrect when it breaks connection.that it doesnt respond when the screen is tapped and even more so when the buttons dont select anything either.oh and having to use a poxy little switch to power on the device. i wanna try a wm smartphone but stumping up the cash to buy 1 and get similar problems would really annoy me. as my username suggests nokia and moreso s60 courses through my veins.upgrade time is looming i think il be getting an n95 8gig.
  2. current devices-vario3, 2x nokia n80 s and a nokia 6630.future device a nokia e71. maybe get an e90 again as i had 1of them before this vario3 but the wifi wouldn t work as o2 had only allowed the cloud access on the 1i had.
  3. just need a bit of clarification- can the driver be downloaded over the air straight to the phone?im currently using a t mobile vario3
  4. vile?looks like someone has just thrown up next to your phone.now thats why i stopped having airplane meals!
  5. sonic-yeah im using it on a tytn2 and to be honest opera mini seems a tad better for me also.iv set 9.5 to show the page as on a mobile too as i cant be bothered with all that finger paning.
  6. dropped my vario3 last monday knocking the screen out of alignment with the rest of the phone.rang insurance on the tuesday on wednesday picked up a brand spanking new vario3 from the store.cost me £25 excess.can't see them giving you a vario4!
  7. all seemed ok til it started connecting to an unsecured network instead of my own so i deleted it.now this morning my vario 3 wont find my own network(as mentioned above the little tower shows)then i can get it to connect but i have to keep going into settings.iv put it back on to see if it auto connects and yes it does.seems like if i wanna use the com manager to connect to my wifi like before im going to have to do a hard reset.
  8. hi.well im a total newbie really to windows mobile,more a symbian s60 man,having said that i really enjoy reading what goes on on modaco and look forward especially to your podcasts.unfortunately i work til 1am every night so wont be able to listen to this latest one til i get home.keep them coming is all i can say!iv waited for the atom review with baited breath along with your take on mwc.cant wait to get home!keep up the good work.
  9. i noticed that too about the symbian browser.yes your point about pie is true it isnt very good and i ve put mini opera my vario3 to use instead.yes symbian can use opera but id like to point out also that 3rd edition s60 devices have a very capable web browser built in too which displays pages as you would see them on a pc.they load pages faster than pie and with mini map turned on you can zoom in to selected bits as much as you like. all in all an excellent podcast and look forward to others you do.
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