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  1. In some cases a downgrade to an earlier version can sort this out. I have a CK3100, and used to regularly update to the latest firmware. I upgraded to the TyTN 2, and was getting similar problems to what the OP is getting. After searching their forums, it was suggested to downgrade to an earlier firmware version. One thing that does pee me off about Parrot support - if you've got a WinMo phone, they'll tell you it's the way MS implement things that aren't compatible with the regular way of doing things (Bluetooth, address books etc). As such, they're very reluctant to do anything about it. However, one of the things about the Parrot kits is that their software has different compatibility modes depending on the quirks of particular models, and simply by creating such a profile for a future firmware upgrade they could sort it without causing other compatibilty problems.
  2. I recently tried, and subsequently purchased PhoneAlarm Pro. I find the program has made the phone 100 times more useful. One feature I'd like to be able to use properly is the location sensing feature. I've got it working by using the cell id feature, but I'm finding this doesn't offer a good enough resolution. As a result, it can still list me as at home when I'm a few miles away, and the same at work. I've tried to use the GPS feature to remedy this, but I'm finding that PhoneAlarm doesn't seem to find my GPS device. It works with other programs such as Cameraware, WiFiFoFum, Yahoo Go and Google Maps so I know it's not the phone. I've searched all through the PhoneAlarm options but can't find anything regarding setting GPS options. Has anybody had any luck with this?
  3. Sounds more like the beginning of Danger Zone by the number and rythmn of the 'Niews'. I know the other poster said it wasn't, but I've just dug out my CD soundtrack (yes, I'm that sad...) and that's the closest to it.
  4. I'd like to try this update, I've got an Orange branded Tytn II. However, I've also got a Parrott CK6100 car kit, and as anyone who owns this combination knows, it can be a bit hit and miss. Has anyone upgraded their Kaiser and uses this car kit? Any problems introduced (or even fixed!)?
  5. I applied the update to my M5000 yesterday. I've noticed that push email doesn't seem to work properly. It can take 10-30 minutes for an email to appear on my phone. I thought it was supposed to do this straight away? Is this something to do with how my Exchange 2003 server is set up? I can't see anything to say send every 10 minutes, the tick is in the right box to enable push email but still there's a delay. Or is this an Orange issue?
  6. I use my M5000 in the car with TomTom Navigator 5.1 and a Parrot CK3100. I'm using the BT GPS unit that comes with TT3. When I take a call, it returns to Navigator (a few seconds after taking the call). A 'no speaker' symbol displays to indicate the phone is in use. When the call ends, apart from a second or two whilst the unit takes care of ending the phone call there appears to be no interruption with TomTom. I do occasionally see some issues where the TT display stops momentarily (when an email or text is recieved, but the voice prompts keep up with my current location. This indicates that although the display may not keep up, the unit itself does.
  7. The M5000 is not for business only. It is available in at least 3 stores locally to me, for personal as well as business customers. I've got one on my personal account and have had one since the day they were released.
  8. The bit that you added doesn't say never completely discharge, it says to do it every 30 charges or so to recalibrate the battery meter. It doesn't actually damage the battery, but it's true that it can have an impact on the efficiency of the battery. If it's done occasionally it's not a problem, but constant draining would be an issue.
  9. It's the same with every implementation. There seem to be good and bad with all of them. It would seem that some units have better quality hardware than others. Some people I know with the XDA have problems, some don't. Same with the MDA. I've got an M5000, and have had no problems at all, whilst some others have.
  10. Bearing in mind there were a couple of devices that already did the above before the patents were registered, it's Visto that are on shaky ground. NTP would have gone after Visto for this reason, but they've sat down with them and worked out a deal. NTP have effectively cut off Blackberry (there's a current injunction preventing the service from operating in the US, temporarily suspended for now), but they've not got the resources to fight MS on their own. NTP have no products of their own, the company is just a team of lawyers registering generic ideas without any means of proving the concept. Visto on the other hand do have a product. Reading the very vague patents that have been registered, this would also cover SMS and similar messaging systems. The Visto (and NTP) patents are so vague, you could name at least 10 other products that would infringe this. Many of these are 'prior art', in other words operating before the patents were registered. Some of you may be MS haters (in which case, why are you on an MS Smartphone forum?), and would like nothing better than for MS to take a beating. This has further implications than just giving Bill Gates a couple of sleepless nights. If Visto win, and NTP succeed in toppling RIM, smaller companies will be scared of innovating in case their idea infringes on a vague patent. Larger companies would be afraid of licensing technologies from others, open source projects would have a hard time getting off the ground, all for the same reasons. If Visto do win, I'm going to look into registering some silly patents. Maybe I can register speeding, or breathing. I'll make a fortune. These patents are US only. The advantage that MS have is that the rest of the world is still a viable market for them, unlike RIM who have 70% of their operations in the US. Regarding the issue of Exchange server, many of what is included is covered by RFCs that were written well before NTP or Visto's patents were filed. And if they do win, what does this mean for IBM, or even a couple of Linux distributions with similar features?
  11. Both orientations would be very "handy!". I'm even weirder. I'm ambidextrous so can adapt to whatever orientation the device would be.
  12. I'm having a similar experience to Larnsky in that my M5000 has very few problems. In fact, a friend with an XDA Exec sent his back and got an M5000 due to the problems he had with the Exec. I think it's the luck of the draw, there seem to be a few bad eggs from all variants about. I do know of people with similar problems with the M5000. ROM versions seem to be the same, so I think most of these issues are possibly hardware related.
  13. I've never had a problem with this, but I might be misunderstanding your point. Whenever I've upgraded, it's been on the same number, meaning it doesn't need to be ported. If I've been near the end of the contract, enough to actually give my notice, the mobile operator in question generally offers me a similar deal in order for me to stay.
  14. Seems you're just unlucky with your phone. WiFi works fine for me. I visit several clients as part of my job, and there is a wide range of differing WiFi networks, depending on the size of the company. There's a wide range of WEP, WPA-PSK and WPA-Radius encrypted networks that I've used, and I'm yet to have a problem with it. It's certainly a lot better than what I experienced with the M2000, when the only thing that seemed to fix a persistant problem was a hard reset. The problem you are having with contact notes on your phone, are you syncing them with your PC or using an Exchange server? The only reason I ask is because I use the latter and it seems to work properly. I can't really comment on the problem if it's with Activesync itself, as I rarely connect my phone to the PC. Line 2 has never worked for me, I had the E200 before the M2000, so I cancelled it when I learnt it wouldn't work. I understand Orange are one of only a handful of networks that use Line 2, so I doubt it's a priority for M$ or HTC to include support. However, it's an issue with training for Orange, as CS reps still tell customers that it supports Line 2 - what they won't tell you is although it can be used, there's no way to switch to it. I'd be interested to hear your experiences with them regarding the GPRS monitor. I've bought SPB GPRS monitor for now, but if they end up supplying one, I'll get them to refund what it's cost me. The spare battery - I've received a battery from them. The secret is to complain as high as you can. In another post I've listed the Executive Office contact details, they're the department that deal with complaints and may be able to get a new battery for you. If you point out to them that the orange.com website stated it was supplied with a battery, they'll have difficulty arguing it.
  15. I've got my 2nd battery now. Depends who you speak to, I have a contact a bit higher up the food chain. Orange can't just send them out as they don't have stock in their accessories warehouse. However, if it's processed as a lost or faulty battery, they have stock for this.
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