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  1. I don't think that it is possible to make apps that switch between 2g/3g. The necessary setPreferredNetworkType(...) method is on the com.android.internal.telephony.Phone interface which is not available to SDK developers. :)
  2. Similar effort for HTC devices going on here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=512630 I'm not sure if BeamRider @ modaco == beemerTPPC @ xda?
  3. cheers guys. Anyone tried my iPlayer app on the TD2? Also what version of .net cf does it comes with as stock? ta.
  4. thanks for the reply. Any ides when/if Orange will release this?
  5. Does the new HTC Contact screen include the Facebook integration? @Shuflie How do you find the screen size vs the Touch HD? Do you miss the extra size or is it worth it for a smaller device? thanks!
  6. Any plans for a developer program (seeing as they seem to be all the rage at the mo) to help exploit HTC handsets' capabilities? I'm thinking code samples for working with their bespoke hardware or integrating with TF3D. Thanks.
  7. Have tried both showing a new form and showing a usercontrol over the top of the main form while it is initialising. Neither approach worked. Will take another look at it this weekend.
  8. I may do in the future. In the mean time it's un-obfuscated c# so Reflection is your friend!
  9. Version 0.3 released Thanks for your comments. @NeilM - yes it is a little slow to load as it's checking that it is the most up to date version and then downloading the first feed. I did implement a splash screen to make it feel more responsive but that (for some bizarre reason) stopped the main screen from being maximised so I had to remove it!?
  10. Hi Paul, yes WVGA is on the list of things to do. Have had mixed reports of it working on the HD for some users. It's just (lazily) hard coded for VGA at the mo... Thanks for ATD. Seeing as I scrape the BBC's website any changes they make to their HTML format breaks it. The ability to update is essential! I actually check the version XML on startup and prompt the user if a newer version is available.
  11. Yes it works fine over 3G despite the fact I set the User Agent to pretend it's an iPhone. Sreenshots etc here but would appreciate if you can keep all the bug reports/feature requests in one place. ([email protected] = [email protected] - someone beat me to crafty there!)
  12. Hi there. I've just released an application to browse and stream content from the BBC's iPlayer. I've released it over on xda-developers but still have love for my old MoDaCo chums! Features: - Finger friendly UI including flick kinetic scrolling, swipe gestures and vibration feedback. - Supports Nav Sensor and Stylus Removal (thanks koush)! - Higher quality video/audio than Samsung User Agent hack (483x272 h.264 video stream). - Browse content by Highlights, Popular, Channel, Category or Date. - Search for content and save history. - Checks for latest version of player and AppToDate support. - Downloads video to device for later viewing (I download at home over wifi and then watch videos on the tube on the way to work). - Video launched in your default player associated with '.mov' files (I use CorePlayer). To keep discussions in one place please download and/or comment over at xda. Thanks!
  13. Some themes for Winterface here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread...;highlight=vito
  14. Already done: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=414422
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