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  1. I do have one question about the WM6 ROM though... how the heck do I get it to work as a modem with XP now :/ I've tried using the Internet Connection Sharing but when I go to connect, it just throws an error on the PPC. Come back Wireless Modem app, all is forgiven!
  2. While it's true there's no version of MSN (or Terminal Services Client) installed by default, I managed to Google around and get a copy of Windows Live Messenger for PPC (Emoticons and File transfers finally! ;) ) and an updated version of the TSC called "WM6 Remote Desktop" which gives you the new options of 16-bit color, a proper disconnect button (no more opening the task manager and going Shut Down -> Disconnect), and no scrollbars! There's a little box in the bottom right hand corner you can scroll around with your stylus instead. (And no, it doesn't hide the sys tray on the remote PC - you can scroll down past it to make it fully visible). Just needs a little clever thinking with Google and you're set.
  3. I got impatient and installed it ;) It's definitely Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional.
  4. Basically, having been using a non-smartphone for the past 7 months or so, I'm starting to miss the features that my old M2K had. I still have the M2K, but... I want to move away from Orange, so... looking at the MDA Pro or the Vario II on T-Mobile UK. Basically, I have two issues: Size and data throughput speed. I think it goes without saying that I'll be taking the unlimited WnW package, so amount of data transferred won't be a problem as such. I'm more concerned with the speed of the data transferral. Basically, I want to be able to surf the web at a decent speed (given I'm used to 2mb ADSL at home) and be able to go on MSN Messenger and/or IRC. So not all THAT much data usage. I know the Hermes has HSDPA (sp?) at 1.8mbps but I'm wondering what sort of speeds the Universal gets to? If it's around the 200kb/s+ mark I'll be fine with it... Which brings me to my second issue. Keyboard size. I know the Universal's keyboard is bigger, and to be honest I'm inclined towards the Universal more than the Hermes because of that and the screen. What do you guys think? Which would you go for in my situation?
  5. Nope, Pocket PPT has never existed on the m2k as far as I'm aware. Just the Clearvue... you can tell Windows (somewhere) not to convert the .ppt files, incidentally... might save you a bit of hassle.
  6. No problem ^^ If you're after just something to display your battery left though, and not the slew of info that PP provides, go to handago.com and have a search for today plugins. There should be more than a few around that just display basic system info (mem free, battery etc)
  7. No, I think the connector on the BA is USB-based. [Edited due to A.R.A. - and no, I won't explain what that means.]
  8. You can get ahold of a number of Today plugins that will do this; the ones I use are from a company called Spb, it's called Spb Pocket Plus. It adds a tabbed section to your today screen with access to your calendar, notes, tasks, SMS/E-Mail/MMS... and if you get the Spb GRPS Monitor, you can add that into it as well (instead of displaying it seperately). The only thing is these cost money. Pocket Plus (at time of writing) is $24.95 GPRS Monitor is $19.95 but both are well worth it IMHO.
  9. Funnily enough, it's from O2 :cheesy: But as you know, it's rebranded with each network's own model number. In this case, it's the XDA IIs. O2 are the only ones to market this in a dark colored case, as far as I know. But you should be able to pick one up cheap on eBay, and unlock it so you can use it with your own sim card...
  10. I can honestly say I'm glad I installed it (despite the rigmarole surrounding it, where the install crashed partway through - but I blame my computer, it's not the best at intensive jobs like that), and would recommend anyone to do the same. As for applying it, yup, it'll upgrade from any previous version (as essentially, it's wiping the phone's ROM and re-writing it with the new ROM image.)
  11. Default code I've found with most bluetooth devices is 0000. You might also want to try 1234. Obviously the VKB will have a pin code hardcoded into it's onboard software, hence no ability to enter it. You just need to do it on the PC/phone side of things. If either of these don't work, try reading the manual for the VKB. It'll usually give the passcode to use in there.
  12. I've got to say, (touch wood) I've not had the speaker problem since the update. That's almost a full week without needing a soft reset, which is a ruddy record. It was getting to the point where I needed to reset every day, which was a pain when people were trying to ring me. I just had to tell them I'd ring them back and hope they heard me before I reset the phone.
  13. You might get the speaker problem if the music you're playing has a lot of bass, and it's on full blast. You get some distortion in that case. Just turn the volume down a little. As for the IE problem, yes, I've had that a couple of times. Once on Orange's own website.. I think it just doesn't like the code and shuts itself down rather than risk causing damage to the rest of the OS.
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